Fall Save-Your-Skin Plan

As the weather changes you need to adjust your skincare habits with it. Autumn is a time of transition, and a good skincare routine should correct any damage that has occurred during summer and prepare your skin for winter. September is in fact the perfect time to rewrite your skincare mission statement — sun, chlorine, and saltwater may have taken a toll on your skin throughout summer, now it’s time to exfoliate, moisturize and restore. The right at-home skincare plan of action can go a long way toward repairing and renewing your complexion; no doctor’s visits required.

Let The Healing Begin — Give Your Skin A Well Deserved Break:

The salt in sweat and seawater, plus chemicals in chlorine and sunscreen, can dehydrate skin — so can the aggressive detergent in your cleanser used diligently throughout summer to take off that grimy film every night. Give your skin a weeklong break — Wash with a gentle cleanser, and moisturize with emollients like shea butter, natural oils, and ceramides to fortify the skin. Stop using products with fruit acids, and retinoids and let the natural healing take over.

Tone Down Your Toner:

To reduce dryness as the weather becomes cooler, avoid products with alcohol because they can be too drying. Try switching to a toner made with witch hazel rather than alcohol. This will help to prevent stripping of the skin.

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Switch From Lotion To Cream:

As the air becomes drier, your skin needs a thicker moisturizer. Creams provide a stronger oily barrier, which means they both reduce water loss from the outer layer of skin and provide hydration to this layer of skin at the same time. People with oily skin this rule does not apply on face, chest and back, but elsewhere indulge freely.

Bask In Facial Oils:

I recommend trying face oil to everyone – even people with oily skin types. Select a face-oil according to your skin type: Sensitive skin benefits from anti-inflammatory coconut or camellia oils. Drier complexions should look into heavier, nourishing sesame or avocado oils. Oily skin types benefit from sebum-balancing hazelnut or jojoba.

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Exfoliate With Oil-Based Scrub:

The summer sun and chlorine may have left your skin feeling dry and flaky. Start the new season off with a full-body exfoliation session. Oil-based scrubs are wonderful because they exfoliate and hydrate at the same time. Post exfoliation use creamy moisturizer to deeply hydrate the skin on the body.

Stick With SPF:

Yes sunscreen is still a must! Sun might be less blazing during autumn months, but the UV rays are still as deadly and damaging as ever — UVA & B filters SPF 50+ you know the drill.

Cabinet Cleanse:

Weather change means: out with the old and in with the new. Check your skincare for ingredients and toss out any damaging products, certain ingredients may not give your skin the best results over time. In my professional opinion, it’s best to beware of the following ingredients, which may cause more harm than good in the long-term:
• Mineral oil and petrolatum, which can be pore clogging and occlusive to the skin.
• SD alcohol 40 and denatured alcohol, the “bad” alcohols commonly found in toners, which have very drying effect on skin.
• Isopropyl Myristate and Isopropyl Palmitate are common culprits which can cause blackheads.
• Synthetic dyes and fragrances, which can irritate skin and cause allergic reactions for sensitive skin.
• Sodium or ammonium laureth/lauryl sulfate are extremely drying and irritating to the skin and commonly found in cleansing gels.
• Apricot kernels, or seed/shell powders, naturally made particles like these that are found in facial scrubs and can scratch, irritate, and damage the skin, causing bacteria to spread.


Finally Drink Up To Greet The New Season:

Drinking lots of water hydrates your skin from within. Carry a bottle with you when you go outside. Herbal tea is also great when weather gets cooler especially green tea as it is packed with natural antioxidants. Your skin will thank you in return by a healthy glow.

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