Complete Skincare Regime For Brides

Summer is in the air, the sun is beginning to scorch up & the  air is getting warm with hints of humidity.

Amidst this transition of Spring into Summer, the  wedding season is in full bloom. Mailboxes are drowning with wedding invites and no one is safe from the weather or the groundwork that will go into making this nuptial season ideal. Sitting in my derma office I hear among the shrieks of joy and shouts of congrats, some colossal cries of concerns from the brides-to-be who don’t want to see anything but picture perfect skin on their “Big Day”.

We all know fluctuation in the weather can affect the skin badly making it dull and rough, but any transient hormonal flares coupled with stress and hot weather can also trigger an onslaught of zits that will make any bride shake in her stilettos. A few careless SPF ignored trips outdoors and the aftermath of pigmentational havoc is enough to dampen any blushing bride’s gleeful smile & complexion.

Brides-to-be and their entourage’s desire for a flawless complexion and dewy, healthy skin for their “Big Day” is fair and fitting and to honor that I am giving you all a signature skin-specific plan, follow it regularly and your skin will make you glowingly proud on your special day and your happily ever after.

Basic Rule Of Beauty –

You Look Only As Good As You Feel – Be happy, eat healthy, exercise regularly and drink plenty of water to keep your body and skin hydrated & beautiful. You need to remember that the more you take care of yourself holistically, the more it reflects on your beauty.

Attention To Detail –

Simply using right (skin-type matched) products works in a positive way towards making your skin look optimally healthy, while on the other hand, using products designed for other skin-types can act harshly on any skin leading to damage in the form of dull lifeless skin e.g. – If you have oily skin and you use moisturizers, sunscreen or makeup for dry or normal skin you are bound to break out, and if your skin type is dry and you use face wash for combination skin your product is going to make your skin dehydrated, irritated and uncomfortable. The simple take home message is – while shopping for skincare it’s vital to choose products according to your specific skin type.

Brides With Normal & Dry Skin –

Your skincare goal should be to keep your skin hydrated and radiantly plump. Dry & normal skin types look best when treated with gentle care and plenty of antioxidants coupled with good hydration skincare.

Cleanse – 2-3 times daily with a gentle non-detergent face wash like AminoGenesis Really Really Clean or Clinique’s Mild Liquid Facial Soap.
Tone – The right toner can give your skin a healthy dose of what it needs (antioxidants and skin-repairing substances such as glycerin, fatty acids, and ceramides) to look younger, fresher, and smoother. Stay away from alcohol based toners.
Moisturize – 2-3 times a day with a hyaluronic or amino acid based moisturizer to boost hydration. Add antioxidants like vitamin A, C, E & Q10 to your daily skincare routine to boost your skin, AminoGenesis Perfect Reflection does all that single handedly.
Exfoliate – Exfoliation is considered one of the most important steps in skincare to remove dead skin from the surface and reveal a healthy and glowing complexion. Exfoliate once a week to keep your complexion radiant, but don’t over do it. Skin Doctors Gamma Hydroxy cream used at night once or twice weekly does that effortlessly without any harsh results.
Sun Protection – UV rays damage skin & cause unwanted pigmentation, use a sunscreen with UVA & B filters with an SPF 0f 30 while being outdoors.
Professional Help – Get a 30% Glycolic Acid peel along with MesoFace to rejuvenate your skin with hyaluronic acid and multi-vitamins. Perfect timing for this ritual would be like a week or so before your wedding day.


If your skin looks tired and your face is giving away vibes of fatigue, go for a radiofrequency-based facial. In my practice Scarlet RF treatment is the hero that saves the day & the face, instantly lifting & rejuvenating any tired visage.

Brides With Acne Prone, Oily & Combination Skin –

Your skincare goal should be to keep your skin acne free, pore size and oil production under control & prevent any pigmentation & scarring that usually happens after acne break outs. Taking care of combination skin is always a tricky business. Use of non-specific and generic skincare products can lead to acne, blackheads, whiteheads and open pores. Out of all skin types ‘Oily and combination skin’ reacts most negatively if paired with wrong skincare products.


Cleanse – Use a salicylic acid cleanser like Avene Cleanance Gel once daily & the rest of the time use a gentle face wash like AminoGenesis Really Really Clean. Morning & night are the routines for most people but if you have been outdoors in the heat wash away the dust, oil and sweat mixed with SPF off your skin once you get back home.
Tone – Medicated pads or toner with salicylic acid like Babe Stop AKN Toner can help remove extra sebum clogging the pores, but you also need to remember over use of salicylic acid can lead to very dull dry skin along with sebaceous gland irritation.
Exfoliate – Once or twice a week give your skin a good scrub to get rid of dead skin, compacted pores & pigmentation from old acne lesions to reveal a fresh complexion. Babe Stop AKN Exfoliant has earned rave reviews from my acne patients.
Moisturize – It’s vital for people with oily skin to keep their skin hydrated with oil-free moisturizers packed with antioxidants like AminoGenesis Perfect Reflection to prevent sebaceous gland activation (associated with use of acne treatment products) and promote skin healing processes post acne breakouts.
Pigmentation Control – Regular use of an oil-free skin-lightening product like Avene D Pigment Light goes a long way towards keeping skin clear from any brown discoloration & post acne marks.
Acne Treatment – If you break out from time to time use an acne treatment like Differin gel, Avene Triacneal or Exfoliac acnomega 100 cream at night after cleaning your face. To dry up fresh acne pimples use Exfoliac NC gel twice daily just on the spots.
Sun Protection – While being out & about use a broad-spectrum oil-free sunscreen with SPF 30 and UVA filters. Heliocare Gel & Babe oil free Facial Sunscreens are good choices for oily & combination skin.

General Advice –

Heat & humidity are aggravating factors for sebaceous glands. Try and avoid them as much as possible.
Acne has been linked to our modern day diet so be careful with what you eat. Avoid sugar, fried and fast food.
Along with drinking 10-15 glasses of water, sip on green tea & other anti-oxidant rich natural beverages.
Professional HelpSalipeel & Fraxel both work beautifully to help clear up blemished skin fairly quickly.
If you are getting active acne see a dermatologist ASAP.

Brides With Pigmented Skin –

Your skincare goal should be to keep your skin well protected from sun while keeping the pigmentation patches at bay using right skin-type matched skin lightening products. Pigmented skin reacts sensitively to sun and hormones (estrogen & cortisol).

The first rule to prevent uneven pigmentation is the diligent use of sunscreen with UVA & B filters with SPF 30 or 50. Secondly try to keep stress levels low in order to prevent hormone cortisol spikes that can lead to melanocyte stimulation & pigmentation burst.

Yoga helps, exercise in general releases endorphins, which counteract the bad effects of cortisol hormone. Thirdly, use natural skin lightening products on regular basis to keep complexion uniform.


Cleanse – Two or three times daily cleanse your skin with a gentle face wash. Glycolic acid and Vitamin C infused cleansers work well for pigmented skin but don’t use them more than once daily as overuse can lead to skin irritation.
Tone – If your skin is oily and pigmented use a toner with salicylic acid, if your skin is not oily use a gentle toner with antioxidants to keep skin balanced & well toned.
Exfoliate – If your skin is prone to pigmentation be careful while exfoliation, use a gentle method as too much friction & rubbing can cause pigmentation to flare up.
Skin Lightening Products – I advice all my pigmented skin patients to use skin lightening products which are devoid of hydroquinone or cortisone as they have to use such products for long durations. During daytime use a softer product like Babe Depigmenting Emulsion or Be Ceutical L.L.L 15% and at night go for a stronger product like DermaMelan or Melanin Control System cream.

Sun Protection – Use sunscreen day in and out, never leave home without a good layer of protection during daylight hours.
Professional Help – A skin lightening peel can help expedite the complexion blending process if you are looking for quick results. My favorite peel is Melanin Control System Mask.

General Skin Brightening Advice For All Skin Types

• Start your day with a tall glass of water in order to help cleanse your skin. You should ideally increase your water intake to 12 glasses a day when you are exercising, on days filled with activities or when the heat reaches its extremes.
• Eat at least eight servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Choose a variety of different colors and textures.
• Have ripe summer fruits such as peaches, apricots, plums, pears as well as juicy summer fruits such as watermelons.
• Include food sources rich in minerals that are lost through sweat during hot summer days, such as potatoes, bananas, melons, and tomatoes.
• Vitamin A is essential for healthy skin. Introduce plenty of dark orange (carrots) and dark green vegetables like broccoli and spinach as part of your diet.
• Use fresh food as often as you can to give your skin a boost.

Your skin is in your hands now, stay true to your signature skincare routine, don’t be shy to ask for professional help and remember radiant clear skin requires persistent good care. Chin up, smile & dazzle the world – you’re going to make a beautiful bride.

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