Body Shop Oils Of Life Collection – 7 Day Trial Results

Before I kick things off with the review, boy am I glad to finally come across an advertising campaign that does not pose to be ‘miraculous’ – miracles truly have become fads these days. From miracle whitening creams, to seven day miracle weight loss pills – I’ve seen about everything lol. What sets this Body Shop Oils Of Life campaign miles apart is the fact that they don’t claim it to be a miracle. Their slogan is ‘It’s not a miracle.. but its close’– Definitely refreshing for someone like me!


First off, I love the packaging! Gold glass and black matte lids – definitely gets a thumbs up for the presentation. So what I did for this range was, I used it exclusively for 7 day straight. The moisturizer and essence lotion during the day, and the facial oil during the night. My experience and results, are down below.

Intensely Revitalizing Gel Cream


Based on my oily-to-combination skin type, I was recommended the Intensely Revitazling Gel Cream and I can for see that this is going to be a staple for me in the summer months. This product seriously has the moisturizing properties of a super intense, rich and deep cream yet absorbs into skin as if you’re applying gel. How amazing is that – get the hydration without the stickiness/oilyness or greasiness with this product!
If you’re an oily skin type person who is just sick of using creams that make you greasy throughout the day – this is the one for you. Amazing cool texture, super quick absorbent characteristics and keeps the oily-ness from peeking through for a good amount of time!

Intensely Revitalizing Essence Lotion


For me, this is the ultimate gem from this collection! If you were to ask me which product I can’t imagine not using from this collection – it would have to be this! The Essence Lotion is basically water – yup, you read the right. Except, this isn’t regular water. Imagine having the moisturizing and absorption properties of your favorite moisturizer but having it in the form of water – this is exactly what this it. The absorption rate for this is seriously unbelievable given that it has a lot of oils in it. It dried almost as quickly as normal water would on your skin but leaves it moisturized like no other! Hands down my favorite product from the entire range – I will definitely be stocking up on this during the 20% of sales that The Body Shop usually has.

Intensely Revitalizing Facial Oil


Now this is quite the multi purpose product. I’ve seriously used this on my lips, all over the face, mixed with my other moisturizers and even mixed with foundation. When it comes to facial oils, this is as pure as it gets. With a pipette style dropper, it is almost impossible to waste any of the product. My favorite way to use this is to apply it at night before going to bed for some intense moisturiziation – even though it’s an oil, it also sinks in beautifully albeit takes a while longer than the other two products. If you have de-hrdated skin, or are someone whose skin plays up during the winter moths this will be a savior.
I also added a few drops to my foundation that works perfectly during the summer months, but since the weather is getting cooler, tends to dry me out. The addition of a couple of drops to my foundation made a world of difference, seriously. My skin looked super healthy and glowy from within!


So I tried this product range exclusively for 7 days straight, in the mornings and the most obvious difference was that the annoying dry-ness that comes during the winters around my nose, completely disappeared. Even though the harsh winters are here, my skin generally feels a lot more supple and moisturized from within, if that makes sense haha! My skin is definitely ready for winters haha!


Gel Cream* – PKR 4550
Water Essence* – PKR 2910
Facial Oil* – PKR 5130
Now I know, these aren’t the cheapest skincare products, but I’d advise you took stock up on these during the amazing Body Shop sales they have throughout the year, I know I will be doing so haha!

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