Best Drugstore Desi Facial Masks for Tanned Skin

Desi facial mask

Sunburn, tanning and skin that’s reminiscent of parchment are no strangers to summer weather.

The tropical sun can wreak havoc on your skin and body. While dehydration and sunstrokes are not uncommon today, even in the age of advanced nutritional sciences, sun burn thankfully finds a few dedicated saviours with better ease.

Our summer sunscreen posts did tell you about sun protection and safety, but what about after-sun treatments ? Just like any science, post-exposure care is almost as absolute as care during exposure.

We’ve rounded up some after-sun face masks, packs and mixes that you can treat your skin to.

Nature’s Essence Lacto Tan Clear –


Priced at – Rs. 145 on

TBH, Nature’s is really not a well-known brand to most consumers in the beauty segment in india. I was quite apprehensive when I first tried out this product but heck, it works like magic !

The product is a thick emulsion and needs only 5 minutes on your skin before it does it’s job. I was surprised at the almost bleach-like effect of this product.

The ingredients are shown to be Milk, Honey and Geranium Oil. I almost laughed out loud cause I’m pretty sure Milk, honey and oil neither look like this when mixed, nor do they work so quickly on skin. Pretty sure, there are some chemicals in there, so while this product does deliver, don’t use it too often.

Definitely works on tanned skin, results show after a single use.

Lotus DeTan Face Mask –


Priced at – Rs 265 on

Lotus has an entire range devoted to after sun -care including a scrub, mask and cream .

First of all, don’t bother buying the scrub, the last thing your skin needs after a harsh day under the sun, is a good rubdown !

The Detan Face Mask though, is a good budget product that works and sells like hot cakes as well. It has a thick toothpaste-y consistency and dries to a matte mask.

I always wash it a few minutes before it dries completely cause my skin tends to get stretchy otherwise.

This mask is a tad bit drying but very effective on a tan. Do follow up with a gentle moisturizer.

VLCC DePigmentation Face Mask


Priced at – Rs. 150

Enriched with Saffron Extract and Sunflower Oil. We desis know that Saffron or Kesar is a brilliant lightening and brightening ingredient for skin. But this is probably the first time it has been introduced in a mask with another very potent ingredient – sunflower oil!

VLCC has done well with this formulation, and the mask is gentle, yet effective. I like that skin doesn’t feel dry or stretched after this is washed off. Use it at night preferably, for best results.

Biotique Fruit Whitening Face Mask


Priced at – Rs 199

Though touted as a whitening pack, I think we can all agree that no face mask is actually going to WHITEN your skin as such. Biotique, known for their natural blend of ingredients, created this face mask with a very potent mix – tomatoes, lemon, pineapples (yum) and papaya.

The product has a beautiful pink coloring and is slightly acidic (owing to the lemon content I suppose). If you have sensitive skin like mine, this will sting a bit but it fades off in a while.

The face mask is really effective at removing a tan. Probably one of the most effective budget masks I’ve used so far.

Aroma Magic Green Tea Face Mask –



Price – Approx. Rs. 200

Green Tea is supposed to be loaded with anti-oxidants and stuff, but did you know that it is also a natural sunscreen ?

This face mask is cooling on the skin, I like that it rejuvenates and repairs skin even as it restores its glow. Often lauded by many fellow bloggers, I find that this face mask is one of the few that gives you a glow that actually lasts for a few days.

Give this one a try!

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