Aesthetic Anti-Aging Solutions : Look Natural, Not Frozen

Aesthetic medicine is basking in its golden era, and the range of products available these days, to fight aging and enhance beauty, are quite impressive, allowing smart options for the connoisseurs of beauty to deliver beautiful as well as NATURAL results.

When it comes to aesthetic trends and choices,the  present always reflects on the past and unfortunately we did experience an era of over done and over stretched “Stepford Wives” results not so long ago. The concerns and misperceptions since created are still holding women and men back from getting aesthetic treatments.

Beauty industry and aesthetic doctors are working hard to clear those concerns of late and promote NATURAL looking results. For the concept “Less Is More” and “Natural Is The New Gold Standard In Aesthetics” to succeed we need thought cohesion between consumers, doctors, and the aesthetic industry.

Galderma –  a global leader in aesthetic solutions, recently commissioned a first-of-its-kind “Break The Ice” survey to gauge public opinion on wrinkle-relaxing injectable toxin results.

The survey revealed that 74% of American women and men ages 30-50 would be more interested in the treatment if results looked natural, not frozen.

Though majority of participants in the survey agreed on the fact that a person with frown lines between the eyebrows looks stressed (39%), old (36%), even angry (24%) and many participants acknowledged the fact that their face looks older than they feel, very few showed interest in taking action to learn about treatment options that have natural-looking results. Less than 40% said they would be comfortable talking about their interest in treatment with a healthcare specialist.

Breakthrough Moments & Breaking the Ice

The survey highlighted the fact that digital technology has transformed people’s perceptions of facial aging. More than 70% participants acknowledged the fact that the use of technology, made them realize their face looks older than they feel. For many, these digital wake-up calls were triggered while seeing themselves in selfies (43%), tagged photos (33%) on social media or “Throwback Thursday” posts (33%) making them self-conscious of their frown lines.
Results from the Break the Ice survey show that a good majority (64%) of men and women noticed frown lines between their eyebrows as they age, first seeing these lines on average at age 34. Confirming the fact that we constantly notice age and beauty in faces we encounter, 77% reported noticing frown lines on others, such as their friends, family members and coworkers. A surprising 74% reported thinking about their faces looking older one or more days a week. Men and women are more aware of their frown lines when they catch a glimpse of themselves in the mirror (70%) and get ready in the morning (56%).

Knowing that so many people worry every week about their frown lines and aging faces, but seldom discuss it, even with a healthcare specialist is indeed unfortunate.

In today’s golden era of aesthetic medicine no one should feel old, sad or self-conscious when safe treatment options are available that can make people feel youthful, happy and refreshed with natural-looking results in little to no downtime.

Look at your reflection, if frown lines and wrinkles bother you, you now have choices available to you to lose those lines without losing yourself. Natural aesthetic results are within reach of anyone who just wants to enhance their look – not change it completely. With the right healthcare specialist and the right products, people can get the natural-looking results they desire.

NATURAL is the new gold standard not only while using toxins to freeze the wrinkles, but also while using hyaluronic acid fillers to refresh and renew and rejuvenate signs of aging. Restylane® fillers, Restylane Skinboosters™ and Emerval fillers are great product lines that help doctors deliver NATURAL results while restoring youthful skin and facial contours. Proof In Real Life is another beautiful campaign celebrating the golden era of NATURAL aesthetic results.

I applaud Galderma’s efforts in breaking the ice and getting public engaged in a dialogue about perceptions of aging and beauty while keeping focus on NATURAL results. These campaigns represent a vital investment in the aesthetic industry’s mission to deliver, in partnership with healthcare professionals, insight-driven education for consumers that empowers aesthetic choices and self-confidence.

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Shazia Ali
A certified dermatologist, Skincare guru to the who's who of the Middle East, Dr. Shazia knows the secrets of anti-aging, the insider tips and tricks on how to achieve healthy, beautiful radiant skin and everything in between. Currently the brand Ambasador for University of Westminster, and the head Dermatologist at Tababa Clinics.

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