Turn Heads & Be Stunner With These Simple Tricks!

Picture this: you walk in to a room and all eyes are on you in awe. Sounds tempting? Well, you’ve come to the right place because the handy tricks you’ll find next are sure to make heads turn whenever you pass by!

Less is More, Friends!

Let’s face it: there is nothing more exotic than a woman who is beautiful in her simplicity. Save the full make up face for weddings and glamourous parties; for a chic everyday style that catches everyone’s attention, abide by this rule: less is definitely more! Your everyday hacks to looking stunning when going out should be based on some of these fundamentals: slap on that moisturizer for a healthy and hydrated facial glow throughout the day and don’t forget to brush those eyelashes with some mascara to make your eyes pop. Seriously, ladies, let your eyes do the talking! Add to that a gentle lip balm for plump, hydrated lips and a tinge of blush to add playful texture to your cheeks and you’re all set to stun!

Tip: Swab some Vaseline in the direction of your cheekbone before dabbing on some blush with just your fingers for a fresh glow reminiscent of an A-list celebrity!

Smell like a Goddess

Isn’t a nice smelling person just the most attractive thing ever? Definitely. A must have for all you ladies is the right perfume! Keep one thing in mind: choosing your perfume should be just as detailed a task as picking out your dress or even buying the right pair of shoes. Your perfume is basically a tell-tale of your personality and you want to give off the right scent for people to recognize who you really are. Make your scent a representation of both your personality and your mood and you’re sure to turn heads!

Confidence is Sexy

Nobody can disagree with this: confidence is super sexy! Whether it’s in the way you walk or the way you talk or even perhaps in the way you smile, exude confidence in whatever you do and you’re sure to be a head turner. Self-confidence is pretty contagious too: you’re bound to attract smiles and admiration from people in love with your poise!

Dress to Impress

The right outfit can go a long way in assuring you turn heads! The key for us desi women especially is choosing the right kind of fabric. It’s all about the fabric in fact! Know what textures fit you perfectly without clinging too uncomfortably and what materials bring out your strongest features. Comfort coupled with style is the best combination. Don’t be afraid to rock out a bold piece every now and then. Accessorize with a chic handbag or a super stylish watch and the right pair of shoes and you’re ready to go – casual looks can be just as stunning, girls!

Flash Your Greatest Asset: Your Smile

More valuable and precious than any accessory you can flaunt is your smile. A happy smile is testament to the confident you and is sure to bring out the best in everyone around you too. Think about it yourself: you’re more likely to catch a few admiring glances with a confident smile than you are with a brooding resting face. A killer smile is your greatest asset! The best part? It’s free!

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Mehreen Syed
Spokesperson for L'Oreal Paris, Pakistan's top supermodel, CEO of International Fashion Academy, Mehreen Syed is synonyms with global beauty and fashion! Titled Model of the Year with the badge of over 100 magazine covers worldwide, Syed's most revered passion is to educate and elevate the status of women around her!

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