The Desi Girl’s Guide To A Great Winter!

Winter must haves for a girl

Winter is finally here ! It is finally the end of another year and as we herald the beginning of a new year around the corner, we have shorter days and longer nights to deal with first.

In our part of the world, Winters are not as cold and snowy as the West. What we do have though, is our fair share of chill in the air!

Winter also brings some much awaited pleasant weather so we can finally dig out our cream blushes and dewy finish eyeshadows that always seem to melt off our skin in the summers.

Let’s tackle all your worries this winter, to help you look and feel your best!


Dehydration –

It’s natural that we reach for our water bottles in summer and take in as many liquids as possible. The situation in cooler weather is quite the opposite. Lower temperatures and a drop in humidity levels result in very low intake of water.

In fact, you tend to feel a lot less thirsty in winters because you’re hardly working up a sweat.

Set a reminder in your phone to get a drink of water every hour at least. Several mobile interfaces today offer apps to remind you to drink water. Check whether your app store offers these apps.


Get rid of dry patches –

This is possibly the biggest problem women complain of in winter. Dry elbows, patchy skin and dull patches are the biggest bane of winter.

Apart from the usual moisturizer and lotion hoarding sessions, look for these ingredients on your product label and buy a good quality, hydrating body lotion :
? Almonds
? Shea butter
? Olive oil
? Coconut
? Milk
? Honey
? Bee’s wax

The presence of any of these natural ingredients in your lotion, is going to make your skin glow. Aloe Vera is a great hydrant too but somewhat mild and not suitable for the winter weather.
Virgin coconut oil applied directly on the skin is the best moisturizer ever! It has been used by desi women since time immemorial. The secret behind your grandmother’s smooth skin even at her age is probably due to years of religious hot oil massages with pure coconut oil.


Glowing skin –

A lot of women skip exfoliating their skin in winters assuming it’s going to be really drying on their skin. On the contrary, regular exfoliation is the key to glowing skin in every weather. You have to scrub off those dead skin cells to reveal the fresh, new skin beneath.

You could opt for milder exfoliants or grind some oatmeal and mix it with honey and scrub this on your face once a week.


Exercise –

Getting out of your bed on the colder days might be especially difficult. No one wants to ditch the comfort of their beds for some nice, cold air right?


Getting at least 30 minutes of exercise in the winter months can not just give you a very attractive and healthy flush, but also improve your immunity and prevent you from getting a nasty cold or flu.


Experiment –

All those rules apart, winter is a wonderful time to experiment with your clothes and your makeup. It is the perfect time to try those products that you don’t usually touch in summer like all those glorious matte dark lipsticks !

This is also the season to bring out the fashionista in you and layer your clothes well to look chic yet stay warm.

Dig out those bold colors and thick fabrics that you stashed away; give them a new lease of life while experimenting with something new this winter. Who knows, you just might find a style you love!

So stay warm, hug someone you love and be thankful for a wonderful year. Have a great winter!

Author – Rachel Vera

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