How To Control Bad Breath!

Bad breath solutions

“I walked up to her, finally mustering the courage to talk to the beauty who’d been on my mind for the last few months. She took my breath away, and then when she opened her mouth to speak, her breath…

…made me want to run away”

You wouldn’t want your fairy tale to end this way, would you?

An important part of a woman’s grooming is her oral health. Poor teeth ,bad gums or foul breath could be an immediate source of embarrassment to you, no matter how well dressed you are or how immaculate your makeup is.

It can be even more embarrassing to others around you to talk to you when you’re a constant reminder of garlic and onions.

The good news is, help is at hand!

What causes bad breath?

There are a variety of reasons you have gorilla breath. All of us have bad breath at some point, like when we wake up in the morning. A huge step in getting rid of bad breath, is in knowing what causes it.

On many occasions, using just a mouthwash or brushing your teeth may not really help if you have a deeper problem behind your bad breath.


A lot of factors trigger bad breath:

? Oral health is a general sign of health in the body – Sometimes, diabetes, bronchitis, sinusitis and the like may result in bad breath. You may need an endoscopy to determine the cause of your ailment

? Poor hygiene – This one is pretty obvious. If you do not brush regularly or neglect areas of your mouth (like your tongue) while brushing, it may result in bacteria festering in crevices and crannies leading to some pretty bad infections

? Dehydration – Bet you didn’t know this one! Dehydration can give you pretty foul -smelling breath even if you have good oral health. This is yet another reason to drink lots of water


? Diets/ Not eating for prolonged periods of time – The body is designed to clean itself internally. Regular intakes of food at the right time help this function. When you crash diet, your mouth stays dry and helps germ build up. Needless to say, it also causes acidity

? Watch what you eat – Food loaded with pungent ingredients like radishes, onion and garlic are bad news

Here’s what you can do to prevent smelling like a zombie the next time you open your mouth:

? Brush your teeth regularly – Well, this is obvious but it’s also the single highest reason for bad breath. Brushing your teeth twice a day automatically reduces your chances of smelling bad. Use a good toothbrush that reaches all parts of your mouth and change your toothbrush every six months


? Gargle your mouth after a meal – Every time you eat a meal , do spend a minute to check your teeth and remove any food that may be lodged there. You don’t have to use a mouthwash if you don’t want to, a simple gargling after each meal can help to a great extent

? Reduce smoking – Are you a smoker? Smoking has a thousand adverse effects on your health, bad breath is one of them. If you can’t quit, gargle your mouth, drink plenty of water and use a mouth freshener after smoking

? Stay hydrated – Drink lots of water. Lack of saliva in the oral cavity is a huge reason for bad breath. Drink at least one glass of water every hour

? Use a breath freshener – If you follow the other tips in this list, you probably won’t need an additional supplement to help you smell nice. However, if you feel like it, a few breath mints won’t hurt!


There are plenty of reasons to smile, don’t let bad breath get you down!



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