The Beautiful “Sorry; Not Sorry” #ShineStrong Campaign by Pantene


Pantene has evolved its global Shine Strong campaign with the launch of a new thought-provoking video that tackles a common but unconscious behavior many women around the world engage in everyday: over-apologizing.

Pantene’s Shine Strong campaign first took shape in December 2013 following the worldwide success of a viral video titled “Labels,” originating from the Philippines, depicting gender labels in the workplace – men and women being labeled differently — for the exact same behavior (more than 46 million YouTube views to date). Pantene’s latest video titled “Not Sorry” is designed to spark a dialogue about how women unknowingly minimize their strength and messagewith the subtle, yet powerful behavior of unnecessarily saying ‘sorry,’ when there is no reason to apologize.

Pantene’s intention with the new “Not Sorry” video is to identify common situations when women may say a self-deprecating “sorry” that undermines her potential. The video’s message doesn’t mean women should stop apologizing all together, but rather women should Shine Strong every day and limit apologizing to when it’s truly appropriate and necessary. Similar to the “Labels” video, Pantene hopes to drive conversations that continue to raise awareness of biases and stereotypes that hold women back.

“Pantene is committed to helping women across the globe be strong and shine both inside and out,” said Colleen Jay, President, P&G Global Hair Care & Color. “We are certain this evolution of the Shine Strong campaign will inspire action and change. We believe the message of the “Not Sorry” video will resonate with women, encouraging them to be more aware of this diminishing behavior and, in turn, prevent any bias they may be unconsciously creating.”

The overwhelmingly positive response to the Shine Strong campaign last year inspired Pantene to continue the conversation, ignite change and help more women in more ways through the creation of the new global Pantene Shine Strong Fund. The mission of the Shine Strong Fund is to educate and enable women to overcome bias and/or societal expectations so they may reach their full potential, as well as celebrate the many strong women in the world who exemplify the essence of Shine Strong.

The first Shine Strong Fund collaboration is in the U.S. with the American Association of University Women (AAUW), which will provide grants to female student leaders to raise awareness of bias and ways to prevent it on campuses and in communities. The Shine Strong Fund’s global rollout will continue in other regions over the course of the next year. More details about the global Shine Strong campaign can be found at

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