Most Beautiful Bhabis of Pakistan

Sara Atif Aslam, Shaniera Akram sania mirza

They are the queens, the undisputed beauties who have embraced marriage and motherhood (some of them) with grace and classic ease. They manage to take on their roles with style, looking their best and earning new respect in their new positions. The wedding season is just about at it’s peak, we saw several stars, cricketers, politicians and other big names tie the knot this season and introduce to the world their new star wives, we also have some classic favorites lined up in our beautiful bhabis list.

Take a look at the most beautiful new bhabis of Pakistan –

Sara Bharwani (wife of Atif Aslam)



There isn’t one girl who isn’t jealous of Sara for marrying the most eligible bachelor, and one with a golden voice, Atif Aslam. Rumors did abound that these love birds were in a relationship for longer than they revealed to newspapers, but now that all’s well, it doesn’t really matter does it?

Sara gave birth to a beautiful young son in March last year, she is an educationist and an achiever in her own right.

Atif and Sara were rumored to have been dating upto seven years prior to getting married.

Shaneira Thompson ( wife of Wasim Akram)



Shaneira Thompson is the second wife of celebrated Pakistani cricketer Wasim Akram. Being of international descent, it wasn’t really easy for the fans to accept her but she handled it all exceptionally well as she wed Akram in August 2013.

Shaneira’s blond hair and delicate features make her a classic english beauty; her complexion and delicate features are definitely to die for.

Faryal Makhdoom (wife of Amir Khan )



The lady honestly needs no introduction. Faryal is our Beauty of the Month and has written about her much requested beauty secrets on our blog as a celebrity guest blogger.

Her whirlwind romance with Amir Khan culminated in marriage and the birth of their beautiful little baby daughter Lamaisah. Faryal is definitely one of the most beautiful bhabis of Pakistani descent.

Her beautifully done eyes, brilliant foundation technique and easy style has easily put her in the bracket of not just the most beautiful bhabis, but also one of the most popular.

Faryal also has her own youtube channel now where she shares all the details about her favorite products and makeup routine with her fans and followers.

Read more about Faryal’s youtube channel here.

Sania Mirza (wife of Shoaib Malik )



She may not be of Pakistani origin but the first daughter -in-law of Pakistani sports is undoubtedly Sania Mirza. This fiery hyderabadi adds as much spunk to her game as she does to her life. She’s an achiever, she has her own coaching centre for little kids aspiring to play big tennis one day, she also has one of the most- spoken about romances in Pakistan cricket.

When Sania Mirza married Shoaib Malik, it was more than a union between two people, it was also a union between two very popular sports in neighbouring nations. Sania is beautiful in her own right, but what takes her to the top of this list is her sheer winning spirit and dedication to her game.

Three cheers to our beautiful bhabis, the pride of our nation 🙂

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