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Abbas Hasan is a French-Asian artist who was named one of the top ten artists to watch out for by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), named the “next big thing” by MTV India. He even won the prestigious “Artist of the Year” award. He has been spotted at Elton John’s parties, been linked to Freida Pinto, toured with Shah Rukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra and burst onto the Bollywood stage when he headlined at the Times of India Film Awards in Vancouver. Here, the French pop sensation gives a rare glimpse into his jet-setter life.
People often ask what it’s like to be me. Every day is different, I tell them. Sometimes I’m locked up in studio working on new music. At other times I might be busy modelling, traveling or at a video shoot or an appearance. Every day is different, and that’s what I love about it. For me, the best days are when I’m out on tour and getting ready to hit the stage. Something strange happens when I’m performing. There’s a very special moment that takes place between you and the audience and in that moment something magical takes place when you’re able to connect with each other.
I love traveling around to meet my fans around the world. Here is a typical day on tour…
The morning starts with a knock on my door. My manager is knocking at my hotel room door to make sure I’m up. I splash cold water on my face, come back to life and jump into the shower. I prefer to have my breakfast at the restaurant rather than ordering in. It’s a chance to see the team around you: my manager, the tour team, coordinators, organizers, stylist, make up artist, dancers and anyone else who’s with us. This particular morning we are in Switzerland and performing at a show with Shreya Ghoshal. We see each other at breakfast and she is her usual sweet and charming self.
12214_426639204084789_1922357448_n - Copy
From breakfast onwards, the day suddenly switches into fifth gear and you have no idea where the time has gone. We end up at the venue for a sound check. I hit the stage to make sure the acoustics are sounding right, and I don’t leave until everything sounds the way it should. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, and luckily the team around me are great at making sure everything is done right. Afterwards my dancers who have been practicing backstage come onto the stage and we do a quick run-through of the night’s performance. It’s always funny doing a show at different venues as you need expect the unexpected– once one of my dancers fell off the stage. Luckily the security team were there to ensure a soft landing!
Abbas Hasan & Manish Malhotra-16pc
A few VIP’s turn up early with backstage passes during my rehearsal and we stop to pose for pictures afterwards. After the sound-check (which always lasts longer than you think it will) something unexpected always happens. In this case a photographer turns up to ask me to pose in different parts of the theater for their promotion. After the impromptu shoot I have a few short hours to relax before the madness commences….
3 ABBAS HASAN TOIFA - Helping Fans
And suddenly, I get a phone call from my manager who’s been looking for me as it’s time to hit my dressing room and get ready. I’m driven back to the venue, which looks so different after sunset.
Suddenly the backstage area feels alive… The roar of the crowd outside sets the temperature rising inside. The dancers start getting a bit anxious and excited. We all get styled up and then run through our cues once again. The crowd gets louder and the lights get brighter. Suddenly we’re in the wings of the stage.
The dancers and I have a quick moment to look at each other. I offer them some comforting words. Suddenly the house lights are dimmed and the audience is waiting in anticipation. With a dramatic bass tremor my visuals hit the stage screens and the music starts to play. My dancers and I give each other that final look that says
“This is it. Let’s go!”
6 Abbas Performance
… A day in the life of Abbas Hasan
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Abbas Hasan
Having just won the Artist Of The Year 2014 in Canada, coupled with being labeled "The Next Big Thing" by MTV, Abbas Hasan is the new International Pop sensation. Raised in the high society of Paris, Abbas's passion for art has had many touch points, of which the latest is acting!

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