How To Make Resolutions That Actually Work, This Year!

So it’s January already and everywhere you look, there are people vowing to lose weight, take better care of their skin, not repeat last year’s mistakes, workout more often, eat healthy, finally take that trip, get into a relationship / get engaged/married/have kids… the list is pretty endless.

A new year brings new wakeup calls to most of us after the lazy winter months and the holidays. We realize we’ve actually not done so great last year and we need to make up for all the ouchs and oops of the previous year.
For some of us, we could look to sail new heights with our career this year. We want to quit our jobs and find that elusive dream career calling. Some of us want to quit being lazy and finally work on getting that booty into shape. While some others realize all the heavy partying and binge eating/drinking is finally showing on them and they need to take it a notch down this year.


While we all have our reasons , not all our firm resolves of January make it to December or even halfway. We give up, slack or simply get caught up in our daily rituals.

So we figured we’d give you guys a few hacks on making successful resolutions this year, to help you actually keep them. We followed these last year and we’re proud to say they definitely worked!

Keep your goals realistic:


“I want to lose around 40 kilos this year and become Kate Moss for Christmas.”
No girls, this really isn’t going to work. At least it won’t unless you hire a personal trainer for the next twelve months and hit the gym twice a day and cut out 70% of your diet.
Keep your goals simple and achievable, look to lose around 3-5 kgs a month; support your workouts with a good diet and try changing your workout routine every month lest you end up on a weight-loss plateau.

Be regular :


If you are planning on taking that annual dream holiday you planned or are just planning or saving a little something for yourself, make sure to save a fixed amount consistently every month. Even if you miss out on a month due to something, make up for it on the next.
Consistency is extremely important in being successful. Regular efforts towards your goal will help you see results sooner and have a better year.

Keep track of your progress :


You promise yourself in January that you’ll give this your best, by March you don’t even know what happened.
To avoid these disasters, consistently track and update your process and progress. We understand that it may not always be possible to have an updated record, take time to at least update your progress on the weekends.

Take a break sometimes :


You don’t want all your efforts to end in physical exhaustion or in a mental burnout.

Draw yourself some flak sometimes, a take a break every once in a while and splurge, have a cheat meal or enjoy some quiet me-time with some scented candles and some aromatic oil.

Remind yourself why you need this :


Often, this one works best to get one back on track when you’re feeling lazy.

We all have our own reasons for taking the plunge to resolve something. It maybe something we need to do for our confidence, peace or happiness. Remind yourself that this is something you need to do for yourself and the more you delay it, the farther away from your goal you are.

That’s the thing about time, you need to make the best of it while you still can. We hope you guys are all a little closer to your life goals this year and get what you started out to get.

Let’s get things done!

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