Airplane Beauty Tips : How To Look Your Best After A Long Flight

Who doesn’t love a good vacation in an exotic location ? Most of our bucket lists include a trip to at least one fancy place that we want to visit for either architectural or cultural significance or popularity. And while travel is one of life’s biggest pleasures – it can also be a pain.

Yes, travelling has its joys like soaring over the clouds, watching the mountains pass by and taking in the finer nuances of different cultures , there’s also that mandatory catch – The boring, long flight that you inevitably need to take at some point in your travels ! Sallow skin, dehydration and visible jet -lag are some banes of travelling that we women wish we could do without !
Not all is lost though, as you can use some helpful tips before taking a long flight to ensure you look as rested, glowing and beautiful as you want to !

Pre – travel rules –


As much as possible, don’t binge eat or feast on fatty foods, fried meats or sodas before travelling. These just slow your metabolism and make you lethargic and haggard , and when you have to sit in one place for a long time after – it can only mean bad news.

Instead, eat something low on fat and high on probiotics, and vitamins like fruits and veggies.

Hydration is everything –


Yes, those in-flight washrooms are awful unless you’re flying first class. The rest of us mere mortals would rather die dehydrated than take the walk of shame to the nasty, cramped washroom. Truth is, air planes are compact, dry spaces. The high altitudes and dry air make the space extremely drying for you and your skin. Drink a lot of water on the flight, even if it means a few extra washroom trips. Your skin will look much better than it does otherwise. No more exiting the airport with stretched and dry skin !

Skip the heavy base –


A lot of us don’t go out without our favorite foundation. Heavy coverage foundations tend to block pores and wearing them in the dry confines of an airplane will either make your foundation oxidise on your skin or dry your skin out. Instead, moisturize well and use a good concealer where needed. Top off with a light dusting of powder for a finished look.

Yes, to sunscreen –


Up above the clouds, the sun shines, shines, shines…
You don’t want to be exposed to harmful UV rays up here, if only for a short while. Don’t skip sunscreen on the flight, it can go a long way in keeping you look and feel fresh.

The handy kit –


Always carry a small kit with travel- sized essentials like lipstick, toothpaste, face mist, mints, concealer, face wash, tissues, a small comb and a tweezer and hair clips and pins. Needless to say, you’ll be prepared for anything whether an outfit emergency or a quick touch -up . It’s always a good idea to give yourself a quick fix before you reach said destination.

Dress comfortably –


Ditch the pointy heels and the figure hugging dress. Comfort is the word when it comes to airport fashion – heck, even celebs follow that rule !

You can’t go wrong with a nice pair of flats or oxfords, fitted pants or comfy jeans , a smart tee or blouse and a jacket or cardigan to throw on if it gets chilly. I usually also carry a scarf just in case.

Avoid low rise pants or deep necks – there’s a lot of stretching out and bending to retrieve luggage and things during travel – you don’t want to be awkward or make a booboo.

Get as much shut – eye as possible –


If it’s going to be a long trip, try to get as much sleep as you can on the flight. I know flights aren’t the easiest places to get some restful sleep, but with some noise-cancelling earphones, a small neck pillow and calming music, you can do your thing.

Sleeping on the flight will also leave you less at the risk of getting jet-lagged or cranky.

Hope these wee tips help you have a great flight , and don’t forget to keep your luggage safe. Happy travels !

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