Hadiqa Kiani On The Importance Of Discovering Your Potential

I have always thought that being at peace with yourself is knowing what truly makes you happy and the only way you can do this is by exploring various dimensions within yourself.

Music is something that has always brought a sense of serenity to my soul, especially vocal recordings. The whole process is so soothing to me and it energizes me in a way that nothing else can compare to it. True, there are times where it frustrates me as well, for instance getting writer’s block is one of the most disheartening things when trying to write a melody but, the moment a melody comes to you, is an unexplainable feeling of satisfaction.


My love affair with music started in school when my mother enrolled me and my siblings into singing programs as an extracurricular activity and I have never looked back since. A slightly newer passion of mine is the world of makeup and beauty. As someone who was getting her makeup professionally done since the 90s, I picked up a few tricks of the trade and got fascinated with the whole process. I started learning different techniques and got addicted to it, I would get bored and start giving makeovers to my friends and house workers as a hobby. Making people look and feel beautiful was a feeling I had never really experienced before and on top of that, learning new ways to do so was just the icing on the cake.



So recently I launched my own salon and had to hear the same old “Hadiqa has an identity-crisis” nonsense on top of the “has she quit music” rubbish. I honestly can’t help but laugh and then ignore stupidity like this, who says that you can only have one passion in life, why do we have to limit ourselves? Every single venture you take on must be done wholeheartedly. With music, my whole soul is in it…I love giving people that overall satisfaction and serenity that comes from listening to it but with makeup, it is an entirely different and more personal feeling.


There aren’t many rights and wrongs in this universe, experimentation is a great thing and for some odd reason we are looked down for exploring our minds; this must stop. Music and the world of beauty are just two examples but there are many things that keep my mind excited and it is your job to find what makes you excited, what makes you happy.

Allow yourself to take support from the people that matter to you, for me, my family is the ultimate driving force followed by my friends and fans (not the fair weather ones, but the true ones) but your life is your own and you must find whatever pushes you to internal peace.

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Hadiqa Kiani
The quintessential pop diva, winner of over two dozen global music awards, and the nicest judge of Pakistan Idol, Hadiqa considers herself as the voice of todays woman, literally.

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