Hadiqa Kiani On Killing Fear, Blocking Negativity and Moving On

I think the key to what we all call success is your faith, your passion, your honesty, your humility, and on top of everything else, it is your consistency.

There are a lot of times when we start losing our momentum and start drowning into our dark holes but we musn’t. We must be fully conscious of what is going on, lucky are those who actually know what they are going through than those who are ignorant.

My journey is simply the manifestation of my thoughts and beliefs, I’m a doer. I give all my gratitude to the almighty for giving me the inner strength, the courage, the wisdom, and the support of my loved ones who truly have faith in me.

I believe in a spirit that keeps pushing me toward the light and towards the brightness, away from all of the negativity that often builds up inside. Often this negativity feeds on our fears so you have to get rid of the fears to find the light. “Just kill the fear” and once you kill it, you will give life to the hope, joy and dreams that you never thought were possible.

You must remind yourself every day that there is another day, another bonus, another chance to live, to love. Once you think and believe this way, trust me, your day gets brighter and brighter. Trust your heart but trust it with caution because the heart houses many fears that must not trust. Treat your life as a garden that you want to nourish, where you want to see growth that you can love and appreciate. Plant flowers that are beautiful and full of color, let your life be green. Stay clear of thorns and weeds that destroy your garden, maintain it; try to stay consistent.

It seems challenging to constantly be positive and it is, after all, we make mistakes. So what? Our mistakes are just our errors but these mistakes don’t define us, they don’t make us losers or failures.

Take children for example, kids stumble, hit, drop and what do we do? We encourage these mistakes, because these are the mistakes they will learn from and eventually move on. If children are allowed to mistakes then why is it that we can’t? We are human beings at the end of the day and we are imperfect, this should not deter us from achieving our goals but should push us towards them. Don’t aim for flawless, no one is perfect, relax and rejoice, make mistakes and be thankful for overcoming them rather than dwelling.

There is no time to dwell on the past, be thankful you made it out of whatever rut you were in and move on, if you don’t, the future of your garden will remain lifeless and eventually your garden will perish. Look forward.

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Hadiqa Kiani
The quintessential pop diva, winner of over two dozen global music awards, and the nicest judge of Pakistan Idol, Hadiqa considers herself as the voice of todays woman, literally.

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