5 Reasons To Watch Cricket This World Cup Season!

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How did you guys like our last post on cricket trivia ? Isn’t cricket such a fun game that just grows on you as you watch match after match ?


I remember not being a huge fan of cricket. But as I sat in our drawing room along with the entire family watching this game, I witnessed euphoria. Each time Sachin completed a century, each time Afridi hit a surprise six or Virat Kohli took off his helmet, the child in everyone took over and the rest is history.

There’s just so much this game means to us desis, that we simply cannot overlook it. If you’re not quite getting the impetus to watch the games this cricket season yet, well read on for five reasons to watch cricket this season, with a twist.

5. Ahmed Shahzad –


A total looker, this young aggressive right-handed batsman took the cricketing world by storm by both his game and his looks.


Watching this guy play in the sweltering Lahore heat is definitely not good for keeping cool. This 23 year old batting ace and sometimes bowler has made his way to a million girls’ hearts faster than he scored his first million runs.

Watch out for this hotshot batsman in Team Pakistan.

4. Suresh Raina –


Show me a girl who doesn’t melt at this guy’s charm and I’ll change my name. Suresh Raina has got to be the cutest guy playing the field and we are NOT kidding.


Raina is a true team man, who puts the team before everything else – his impressive skills both with the bat and the ball make his game a notch above the rest. His calm demeanor and good nature make his likeability factor soar sky high.

Raina reigns in Team India.

3. Rohit Sharma –


Previously touted as the underachiever of the Indian cricket scene, Rohit finally proved his mettle in Test matches and in recent ODIs as quite the dark horse. Rohit has returned back from an injury with a bang and it will be nothing short of sensation to see how Rohit performs at the ICC World Cup 2015.

His game as been described as smooth and a pure delight to watch when he’s in good form. Catch Rohit in action as India’s star opener at the World Cup.


2. Shahid Afridi –


Why is it no surprise that Afridi is on this list ? This stunner possibly owns the half that is often associated with cricketers.


Afridi’s explosive game and his entertaining style on the field make him a pleasure to watch. Voted one of the most popular all-rounders of all time, when Afridi plays, he plays to win.

Watch this hurricane rock when he takes one for team Pakistan.

1. Virat Kohli –


Of course, Virat Kohli is always in the news. Whether it’s for using certain words on the field, blowing kisses to his famous girlfriend or for endorsing the hottest men’s brands.


There’s no denying that Virat’s looks are mirror-cracking material, but that along with his fire blaze personality and the magic this man puts in game make him one hell of a contender to reckon with.

Virat has all the right moves, both on and off the field- he’s the occasional rebel , he wears his heart on his sleeve and has all the right friends in all the right places, which is why it is such fun watching this hard-hitting batsman do his thing.

Oh, also, Virat captains for Team India alongside Mahendra Singh Dhoni


The World Cup airs from February 14th to March 28th. More than a billion people the world over will watch the tournament live and on television sets. Experience the Euphoria first hand on Cric info.

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