Why Are My Eyelashes Falling Out?


When hair is falling whether it from our heads or eyelashes, it is very concerning. It’s normal for hair to fall from time to time in the eyelash, as it is anywhere else on the body.

Some common reasons for eyelashes to fall out are wiping your eyes to harshly, its always better to use an eye makeup remover instead of rubbing the eyes rigorously to remove eye makeup. Its true heavy mascaras can weight lashes down and cause them to fall out, so less is more and be gentle!


Wearing semi-permanent eyelash extensions is common now (they last for 4-6) weeks before a touch up. Many women delay the touch up or get irritation from the glue used to hold the eyelash extensions in place which causes your naturally lashes to fall.

Eyelid infections and thyroid problems can also cause eyelashes to fall out. As well sometimes a nutrient deficiency could be the cause of eyelashes falling.

What Can I do?

Be gentle with your eye area when removing makeup, try to dampen the eye area with a cotton pad soaked in makeup remover and hold it there for a few seconds. Once the eye area is damp remove the makeup with gentle strokes. Never rub.

If you are experiencing heavy loss of lashes, make an appointment with an eyelid specialist (oculoplatic surgeon) who will get to the root cause. Also, get yourself checked for any nutrient imbalances or other health concerns particularly thyroid, immune and nutrients. Lash growing serums have potential side effects so beware!


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