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Mumbai is every Bollywood aspirant’s dream. The city of dreams is also home to the biggest celebs, designers and the majority of the film fraternity. For those of us in other parts of the country, Mumbai is like the fashion capital of the country. We cannot stop being jealous of how immaculately turned out, women in Mumbai are. From the hair to the nails, Mumbai has salons catered to almost every beauty whim. Today we bring you a glimpse of the best hair salons in Mumbai, to get you started.

If you want to get a makeover too, on your trip to Mumbai, you could try visiting our list of best hair salons in Mumbai and get your hair done, celeb style.



Apart from the really quirky name, this hair salon is the go-to place for Bollywood’s top celebs. They offer a range of hair services, trims, chemical treatments, spas or simply a gorgeous blow dry if you want a new look without chopping off the locks. Juice has several outlets in Mumbai and also one in Pune and Dubai.

You could opt for hair services by the regular stylists or by senior stylists in the salon. The prices increase depending on the seniority of the staff who you choose. Juice is not very pricey and is frequented by a majority of celebs and socialites alike.

Facebook: Juice Salon

Website: juicesalon



For the uninitiated, this place was started by Farhan Akhtar’s wife Adhuna who is quite the stylist. The salon also has outlets in Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad. I visited the Hyderabad over a year ago and asked for simple side swept bangs and lots of layers. The stylist also beautifully ironed my hair at the crown to show how I could style my bangs on a regular basis ( I wasn’t charged extra ).I loved the services and the styles offered here. The Mumbai outlet would definitely be worth a visit.

Note : There is a high probability of running into your favorite celeb here.

Facebook: B:Blunt


Jawed Habib


Honorary mentions must be made to the guy who started it all. Habib’s salon and hair services are sought-after throughout the country for providing high-end services at a nominal price. Though its hard to tell if Habib’s falls under the category of a celebrity salon, it is difficult to analyze going by the huge number of outlets they’ve opened in almost every major city in India. It seems to be more of a good chain outlet rather than a niche celebrity service.

There is, however one noteworthy point. Habib’s salons charge differently in different outlets. I’ve personally experienced having to pay almost 250 rupees extra when I got a blow dry in a different outlet than the one I usually frequent. Not that it’s a bad thing, because the services were good anyway.

However, the thing with chain outlets in that it is naturally assumed that every service has a fixed amount that you would shell out, irrespective of which outlet you choose.

Facebook: Jawed Habib

Website: jawedhabib

Jean – Claude Biguine



This salon is a celebrity one in every essence of the word. To begin with, it is the only outlet under the brand in India. This Paris based chain offers hair, makeup and nail services for a completely luxurious experience. It is a hair salon cum day spa. You might want to gift yourself or a friend an experience here, it promises to be something out of the ordinary.

Facebook: Jean-Claude Biguine


Toni & Guy


Another chain salon in India that offers celebrity-style services at no extra costs. Based in the United Kingdom, Toni and Guy not only offers a range of hair and beauty services but also have their own line of hair products that have been rated and reviewed by hair experts.

Website: Tony&

Facebook: Toni&Guy

Some of the names in our list are chain outlets that have branches in other parts of the country too. If you want a luxurious experience and a brand new hairdo without travelling to Mumbai, visit one of these salons in your city and share your experience with us.


Did we miss out your favorite salon in Mumbai ? Share your thoughts with us! See you in the comments section below.

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