5 Places you Must Visit in India

The Indian subcontinent is home to some of the biggest extremities. It has some of the wettest and driest parts of the world, the temperature gets incredibly hot in some places whereas some regions see snow for the most part of the year, the country offers you some of the best vegetarian cuisine as well some of the best non- vegetarian dishes, there is a healthy mix of westernization in its traditions, and amidst all the chaos there is a sense of peace. If you’re travelling to India anytime soon, plan to in the future, or already live here and want to explore, here are some places that definitely shouldn’t be missed out on, in your travel itinerary.

Destination – Taj Mahal, Agra


It should be no surprise that this makes it to the top of the list. The Taj Mahal is probably the most visited monument in India. Thousands of articles have been written about it, films made, stories published etc. Yet, nothing compares to the actual feeling of visiting this marble palace; it is everything they tell you it is.

Must-visit for: The actual grandeur of the place, the stunning architecture and the romance behind the building of this monument.

Destination – Pangong Lake, India/Tibet Border


This absolutely scenic lake can be reached via a five hour drive from Leh, the roads are pretty ragged and one can only use a bike for the most part; but when you actually get here, the view is well worth it. The lake is situated at a high altitude amidst the mountains and is higher than most clouds, making it a reflect a beautiful sky. The lake is a favorite with filmmakers in Bollywood.

Must-visit for: The experience of getting here is an adventure in itself; the brilliant contrast of vivid colors makes you feel that some places are beautiful without an instagram filter.

Destination – Nohkalikai Falls, Cherrapunji

Cherrapunji is one of the wettest places in the world and the Nohkalikai falls here are the highest in India. Though the view from up above is pretty darn amazing, the trek up here is not for the faint-hearted. The waterfalls create a little fresh water lake that is inaccessible for the most part but makes for great pictures, and an even better experience.

Must-visit for: The view, the exhilarating trek up the mountain, the landscape.

Destinatination – Leh, Ladakh


No Indian is complete without a road trip with their besties to this region. Bikes are the best way to get here. Be prepared for steamy maggi, lots of starchy food and a view that’s to die for. If you’ve made it through this trip with your friends, you’ve made friends for life.

Must-visit for: The picture says it all.

Destination – Baga Beach, Goa


A breather from the serene locales in this list, Baga Beach is India’s LA and the young and restless love to take their annual trips to Goa to remind themselves that India has its fun places too. This is one part of India where you can wear what you want, visit lots of lovely beaches and indulge in spicy seafood and smoke hookah at one of the shacks dotted along the beach.

Must-visit for: Unwind, party hard and go shopping at the all-night markets.

India has a lot to offer tourists; right from it’s hospitality to it’s spicy curries and kebabs. If you haven’t already been to these places, it’s time to pack your bags now!

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