Top 5 Hair Salons In Delhi!

The capital region is often looked at, as having the best in terms of quality establishments and products. Beauty is seldom complete without a glossy mane. When it comes to hair, nothing flatters your face more than the perfect haircut, softly-framing layers and neat, non-split ends. Whether you choose to let your hair down or wear it up, visiting a good stylist can make the job easier for you by letting your hair look good, always! For those of you lovely ladies looking for premium hair salons in Delhi, we’ve made the hunt easier by listing the best salons here and the hair services they offer. Read on for more…

A completely unrelated disclaimer here before we begin : always take a friend along to keep watch while getting your hair cut; so that you don’t end up with getting more hair cut off than you paid for. The biggest complaint from most women is that their stylist cut off more than he/she promised.

Jawed Habib’s


Everyone I know has, at some point, got their hair done here. The reviews have ranged from extraordinarily good to downright bad. Habib’s has a number of salons around the country and some of the better trained staff are in the Delhi outlets. They offer the usual snazzy haircuts, hair spas and relaxation/ straightening services but are particularly known for the haircuts. They have both male and female staff who also give you a free hair consultation (read try-to-sell-you-stuff ) before giving you a haircut.

But Habib’s also offers some of the best services and the staff are always updated on the latest trends. All of us can relate to trying to explain a particular style to a stylist while he/she appears clueless. Somehow, the stylists at Habib’s seem to be quite aware of trends and will not falter when you tell them you want a reverse bob or side swept bangs.


Silhouette Hair and Beauty


Silhouette is based in The Oberoi. The salon wears a niche ambiance to cater to a select few. It is run by Neo who specializes in cutting and styling curls. Many curly haired girls often resort to smoothing or straightening their locks simply because they haven’t found the right products or style to suit their hair texture. Neo offers the best cuts on wavy to curly hair. There are also massages and conditioning treatments available if you want to opt for them.

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Lakme offers the best-in-class services for hair care , hair cuts and styling. Their revolutionary Cysteine treatment has been taken by several bloggers who only have good things to say about it. The Cysteine treatment is a safer option to the Keratin treatment as it contains no formaldehyde and works great on relaxing frizzy hair and making it great to style, especially when you’re in a hurry.

The Lakme brand is one that is banked upon by most women in India, their recent foray into the salon outlets has proven to be a big success commercially. The hair services offered here range from relaxing and straight therapy to spas and oil massages.





This quirky salon and spa offers you not just a new haircut, but promises to transform your entire look. Give your tresses the most flattering snip they could get with Juice’s huge variety of hair services. If you’re looking for celeb style treatments with budget options, you could look at the various deals offered by Groupon exclusively for Juice Salon; the packages and pricing are to die for. You could also gift a relative or friend an appointment or take a day off and visit with your girlfriends.

Juice also has outlets in Mumbai where it caters to the needs of several upmarket socialites and celebs.


Ambika Pillai


The lady had already been mentioned in our top makeup artist’s list and has found a place in our hair salon’s list too, because she’s simply awesome. Ambika has a number of outlets in Delhi and one outlet in Kochi, her hometown. She has worked on the biggest names in the film industry and on ramp shows and ad campaigns too.

One of the reasons why her hair services are great is because Ambika believes in working with natural hair as far as possible. She loves styling untreated hair to look it’s best whether it’s really curly or really flat and straight. That said, she also specializes in chemically treating hair using safe methods with best results. Show your locks some love and indulge in some hair therapy today!


All the salons listed above offer standard hair services like cutting, straightening, smoothing, hair spas and coloring.

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