Taking Care Of Dry And Damaged Hair In The Winters!

With winter around the corner, let me give you some handy tips to take care of your hair.

Aside from the damage done to your hair through chemicals (hair dye and other products) and electrical styling tools (blow dryer, tongs, straightening iron), the environment can also damage hair to quite an extent, especially in winter. With winters being particularly dry in Pakistan, the moisture levels in hair can fall extremely low. Another factor that contributes to hair damage is indoor heating. Some experts claim that staying in a heated room is akin to having your hair getting blow dried for an entire afternoon!

The good news: no matter what causes your winter hair woes, you can always take both protective and hydrating measures for your hair’s health. At the top of the list for most stylists: regular use of thickening, rich, moisturizing conditioners with a few key ingredients can go a long way.

A simple step to check the moisture level in your hair

Your hair’s elasticity is a good indicator of exactly how dry your hair is. Take a couple of strands of hair and wet them. Roll them around your finger and pull; if the hair stretches up to a 100%, it means your hair has moisture and is not dry, if it breaks right away then your hair is extremely dry and needs special attention. If your hair stretches halfway, that means it has some moisture and is not completely dry.

What to do next

As with most hair problems, the best way to go about solving them is by using the right products at the given intervals as suggested by your stylist. Washing your hair too much in the winter can cause your hair to dry out more so keep that to a minimum. People who have oily hair can alternate with dry shampoo (try out the one by label.m – it’s fantastic). Apply it at the roots till about an inch in.

For naturally dry hair, which in most cases will be the curly/wavy kind, I would recommend the label.m Honey and Oat shampoo and conditioner as the Manuka honey and the oat proteins in these products provide the necessary moisture retention which alleviates the damage. For those who are more conscious about sulfates and parabens in their hair and go the extra mile to use green products, there is the label.m Moisturising Lemongrass organic shampoo and conditioner. If you color your hair on a monthly or bi-monthly basis, use heat for drying and styling hair, and have dry hair naturally as well, using a great shampoo and conditioner will not be enough.

Here are some other measures you can take

Use the label.m Intensive Mask. This particular product is for individuals who would generally prefer to get their salon treatments at home. With Shea butter and Cupuacu butter from the Amazonian jungles, this product is the perfect at-home salon treatment which provides hair enough moisture to last for a week. It can be used on a weekly basis, or more depending on the level of dryness. Apply generously on length and ends after shampooing and leave in for 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse and immediately experience a smooth and shiny feel to your hair.

Another highly recommended product is the label.m Therapy Age Defying Mask. This mask is from label.m’s luxury range which comes with eight of the most technologically advanced ingredients and is designed to restore, replenish and rejuvenate hair. Its application is the same as the Intensive Mask.

In-salon treatments

Absolute Repair Treatment: Also known as cauterization. To cauterize is to seal off. In this case, the treatment allows infusion of moisture into the hair cortex which is then sealed off. This is a wonderful treatment by L’Oreal specifically designed to add moisture to dry hair.

Lab Remedy for Dry and Damaged hair –  This is a treatment by label.m. The high levels of proteins derived from Rice, Potatoes and Peas in this product target the dryness and damage by penetrating all three layers of the hair – which in turn give hair elasticity, strength and shine.

Taking care of hair is as important as taking care of skin in the upcoming dry months. Try these out, and see what suits your hair the most. When in doubt, consult your stylist!

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