Leave Your Blowdryer at Home: What to Take with You While Travelling

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Summer time means holiday season! This is the time of year when many of us are scrambling to get our tickets and bookings in order so we can travel to the destination of choice to escape the horrible, humid heat at home. With traveling comes packing and with packing comes the question: what is the minimum amount of things I can take with me? I like travelling light as it simplifies matters and I would recommend anyone to do the same. However, that certainly does not mean that you need to compromise on how you look – but it does entail making some smart choices as to what you should take along.

In this post, I will tell you what tools to keep handy while traveling and next week, I’ll brief you which hair products you shouldn’t leave home without. Firstly, I’ll tell you what not to take: your dryer or straightener! I understand this may cause separation anxiety to some, however, I’m sure you can find a dryer handy when you really need it, wherever you are. Most hotel dryers will suffice to lightly dry your hair after a shower or if you’re staying with a friend or relative, I’m sure they’ll be kind enough to let you borrow theirs. But, give your hair a break from all the heating tools, your hair (like the rest of you) will feel much better when you get back. Also, why waste valuable time standing in front of the mirror, blow drying or straightening your hair? Any hairstyle that requires you to spend that much time should not be part of your travel regime. Use that extra time to explore, shop or sleep a little more. If you’re worried about frizz, I would recommend getting a relaxing treatment like Keratin done before traveling – it’ll definitely make your hair more manageable.

What to take along

A tail comb: For sectioning your hair, doing some quick styling and teasing your hair.



A paddle brush:Because you do need a hair brush. A paddle brush also helps in smoothing your hair and removing extra frizz.



Bobby pins: To pin up your hair, for the days you don’t want to let your hair loose. Always keep a few bobby pins in your handbag because you never know when a bad hair day might erupt or if you run into some rain. Hairstyle tip: Try an easy updowith a few twists or braidsand secure with bobby pins. If you secure damp hair with bobby pins, it will be in flowy waves once you open your hair when it’s dry.



Hair Ties: Take a few hair ties for buns, puffs and ponytails. Hair ties can be used for a low, side ponytail for a night out, pigtails for a risky hike or a casual braid for a shopping spree. They don’t take up much space and one tends to lose them quite a bit, so take some extra.


Hair Accessories: Although these are optional, scarves and hats/caps are always useful while travelling. You’d also rather buy them from where you go. These help in smoothing down those buns, puffs and pinned hairstyles. They also help you protect your hair from the sun and keep you cooler – not to mention, they’re also great for those bad hair days or if you have to quickly head out. Headbands and barrettes can also be a good keep: you can change your look from simple to chic within seconds.


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