How to Tame Baby Hair

Baby Hair solutions

Small and annoying, baby hair are those pesky tiny hair around your hairline. They have a mind of their own sometimes lie flat and other times are impossible to hide. Those little hair that give away when you’ve colored your hair.

Why Do We Have Them?

Sometimes we are just born with baby hair, and they never really seem to grow out or go away. They are at times new hair growth but baby hair can also be a result of breakage from brushing wet hair too hard or extreme heat from styling tools.


What to Do?

Try to avoid over-styling your hair and give your hair a break from heat styling tools when you can. Brush your hair softly and try to move the brush in the direction the hair grows especially when wet.

Toothbrush & Hair Spray

Take a new toothbrush and spray with a strong-hold hair spray. The bristles should be saturated but too wet. Then gently comb the baby hair upward along the hairline. Works like a charm.

Wet it!

Water and baby hair are best friends. Dampen the hair line with your fingers to move the hair into place. Set with spray or tiny amount of gel.


If your baby hairs are out of control, consider getting a fringe or some bangs to help the baby hair blend in and make them less obvious.







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