Winter Activities!

Things you must try in winters

As the leaves change colour and the brisk coolness of the air refreshes our next chapter in the season, this is the best time to start planning your winter workout routine. The great thing about winter is that you can focus on all the indoor activities you didn’t get a chance to do because you were enjoying the outdoors so much. Just because winter is close, does not mean you need to turn into a hermit and not enjoy yourself or time with friends/family while also staying fit.

Here are some idea’s on how to keep your social juices going and also get a great workout out in the winter!

Join A Boxing Gym!


Join a Boxing Gym. Whether you are an amateur or fitness buff, boxing is a great way to keep excess calories off your body, be part of a social group cheering you on, sculpting your arms and increasing your cardio endurance. Your arms will be in top shape by summer and then you can rock those sleeveless tops!

Try Indoor Rock Climbing!


Try indoor Rock Climbing. Rock climbing is a great fun sport with your family or with friends. It requires partners to help each other. There is trust involved and constant encouragement. Not to mention helping you build those back muscles and focus on your core!! It is a fun and great sport for beginners or advanced fitness athletes and is very challenging on the entire body!

Take Dance Classes!


Take Dance Classes: Dancing is very intense and requires stamina and coordination. This means that dancing helps burn calories and target your core muscles (for movement). If you are looking for a fun alternative way to loosen up, get a workout in and have fun learning a new skill.

Join An Indoor Sports League!


Join an indoor soccer or basketball or other sport league. Yes Ladies!! You too can join in on the fun with sports. Whether its soccer, tennis, squash, sports requires working with other team members and always being on the move!! Try this 3 times a week, and now you’ve not only made some potential lifelong friends, but you were able to burn holiday calories and get fit by the summer!!



Ice Skating: Ever notice how defined and muscular skaters legs look? That’s because skating focuses on your lower body skills to perform and upper body to control and balance. It is one of the best leg excercises out there and you definitely will feel the burn after just an hour. Its also a great skill to have in countries with snow, as it’s a skill you can use with your kids, friends and family.

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