Diets That Don’t Work !

When it comes to diets, we all know that today there are all types of diets available, which promise to get us lean in a very small amount of time without facing any struggles.

Unfortunately the reality is pretty different as you probably found out, to not say the opposite, all diets work at some extent until the moment when they stop working , and then hell breaks lose.
When a diet reaches the point when it stops working it is usually due to the fact that in our body there are various things (hormones, enzymes, etc) that are shifting in levels, which not only impact our weight and appearance, but also our health.
That being said, here are the most detrimental diets that you can use to lose the unwanted weight from your body.

Diets that DON’T Work

VLCD (very low-calorie diet)

This is probably one of the most popular diets out there, but also one of the most dangerous. As the name suggests, in the VLC diet you will have to decrease your total net calories to a specific number, usually very low, and to eat them for a period of time, around 12 weeks, in which it promises that will decrease your weight.

To make it simpler, this diet basically will make you starve for a period of 12 weeks to lose weight.

So here is the first problem, it makes you starve, which can put your life and well-being in danger. Another problem is that after a period of time of starvation, the metabolism drops, which makes you stop losing weight anymore.
The last big problem is that after you stop the diet and you start eating again slightly above those given calories, your body due to the fact that has a very slow metabolism starts to gain weight. This is the point, where as I said in the beginning of the article, hell breaks loose, and you may get even fatter than you were in the beginning with possible physical traumas from lowering the calories too fast and too much.

Diets that involve cleanses –

As you can see I categorized all the cleanse diets under one title because they are all the same, in a phase of cleansing all the weight loss that you notice is purely water weight, that comes mostly from your muscles, but also from your fat tissues.
If you didn’t know, your muscles can hold around 8 pounds of water.
After you stop the cleanse, you will regain water weight back, so the scale will look the same or very close. Depending on the duration of the cleansing your metabolism can be affected at various degrees, which in time can make you gain additional weight.


All diets will fail at some point and the problem is not that they will fail, but they will trigger all types of side effects that will affect your appearance, quality of life and health, even if you may not believe it.
Diets are only clever methods to make people to eat less calories and nothing more, if you want to lose weight and keep it off for good, eat more whole foods and less processed ones, basically by changing your eating habits and leading a healthy lifestyle.

I am not saying that it is easy but nobody got fat by eating chicken breast and spinach!

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