Body Sculpting : Get Perfect Legs Without Ever Hitting The Gym

Des jambes sexy –  as the French say it, or the quintessential slim, contoured and sexy supermodel gams that shine in every attire and are ever so flattering with gladiator sandals are, and will always remain the iconoclastic beauty asset that females across the board covert. The math in today’s lean and lanky leg obsessed world is very straightforward — all women want them and all men admire them.


In terms of claiming bragging rights for great legs, most people think you are either born with them or you have to work really hard to achieve them — which by the way is not entirely true. Here are some insider secrets that can fast track you on your way to getting a leg up in the gracile world of “Beautiful leg Goddesses”.


No Knife No Needles — Energy based devices:

Thunder thighs, cellulite as well as smaller pockets of fat like inner knees, ankles and calves can be difficult to reduce and sometimes diet and exercise are not enough to make a noticeable difference. Now, dermatologists & cosmetic surgeons are finding that the introduction of non-invasive fat removal technologies is opening the doors for more people who are not candidates for liposuction to remove stubborn fat safely and effectively.


Radiofrequency & Cryotherapy Technologies

Fat cells are by nature very different than other cells, particularly in how they respond to stimuli such as temperature. Most of the new technologies recently introduced for fat removal have been developed based on this knowledge and, as a result, can target specific areas of body fat using energy delivered as either heat or cold. Clinical cases and studies have proven that that these technologies deliver consistent results with very little side effects.


Ultrasound Technologies:

Ultrasonic energy can be delivered in two different forms: Focused and Non Focused. Non-focused delivery can bring about scattered damage in fat cells with a minimal amount of the energy reaching the fat cells, focused on the other hand is the ideal method in terms of achieving lipolysis and skin tightening.


Laser Liposuction:


Lipoplasty over time has become a popular cosmetic procedure for sculpting the thigh, ankle and calf regions, and though classic liposuction may also be efficient for this indication, in experienced hands, laser liposuction is more precise and can result in much superior aesthetic outcomes.



Liposuction is a technique that allows cosmetic surgeons to remove stubborn layers of fat that cannot be handled with diet and exercise. It works by painlessly melting the fat, which is later removed by a device called a cannula (a hollow tube attached to a suction machine that removes the fat through a tiny pinhole incision). The procedure involves making multiple small incisions and injecting a special tumescent anesthesia under the skin to numb the area. Then a small laser fiber is inserted under the skin to break down fat as well as stimulate skin tightening. Unwanted pockets of fat are then sucked out using small vacuum controlled cannulas. A compression garment is applied at the end of the procedure, which has to be worn for 2-3 months post procedure. The treated areas feel sore and bruised for few days, but with the use of laser during liposuction the recovery is much faster compared to the traditional liposuction.



Mesotherapy relies on repeated injections just under the skin using specific compounds to kill fat cells reducing the bulk of the area. The compounds injected depend upon what we are trying to achieve — treat cellulite OR reduce fat pockets. The treatment has been used in France for decades, but clinical studies are just beginning in the U.S (Kythera Biopharmaceuticals Inc. has recently won FDA approval for Kybella (deoxycholic acid) to be used for double chin reduction).



For people looking for a milder form of calf reduction, Botox may be a good option. Botox works by partially paralyzing the over sized calf muscles reducing muscle activity and causing them to shrink in size. The effects of Botox are temporary, which gives you the opportunity to “sample” the shrinkage it provides. If you like the results, you can repeat the procedure every 6 months or later opt for a more permanent procedure like Radiofrequency based thermal destruction of nerves for the bulky calf muscles.


Beauty Ideals:

Physiologists from the University of Liverpool back in 2006 meticulously researched the beauty of women’s legs. After screening the planet thoroughly to find a pair of most beautiful women’s legs on Earth, these scientists concluded that movie star Nicole Kidman happens to be blessed with the golden pins with perfect proportions. The length of Kidman’s legs makes up 1.4 meters of her body length, which according to the researchers is the ultimate correlation for women.


As far as the length of the legs are concerned, it still stays very much within the domain of what God had bestowed upon you, but thanks to the creative handiwork of shoe artisans you can always make use of a well-heeled shoe to gain the illusion of endless legs that go on for days.


Sculpt a little and lift a little —now you can display your prized stems making the couture world your oyster.


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