What’s In My Travel Bag And Tips To Arrive In-style

I travel frequently, whether it’s a trip back home to NY to visit my family, accompanying my husband on his business trips across the world, or a relaxing vacation to an exotic locale, I’m always on the go and I’ve learned that the price of all this traveling can exact a toll on your inner and outer self!

I’ve finally honed a travel routine that makes my travels less stressful and more fulfilling, and I’ve seen the difference in how I now arrive versus the mess I used to be in before. When I was thinking of ideas for my first blog with a Lifestyle post in mind, I decided to share the simple things that have saved me time, pain, and taken away from the joy that we all travel for.  The most essential step in any process is the planning. I make sure to dedicate time to packing not only my outfits but also give careful thought to my carry-on luggage; after all it’s your only link to civilization 33,000 ft. above the earth. Here are my steps to a happy and healthy journey:

Carry a Travel Tote

I make sure to carry a neutral color tote on board because it will complement any outfit, and I can store all of my must-haves for easy access. Give careful thought to what you pack because so many things aren’t allowed – a small sample of your favorite products will keep your bag light and your in-flight experience fun! I like to compartmentalize my essentials: wallet, cellphone, makeup, lotion, and passport holder. I also like to carry Tylenol to avoid any aches and travels that are requisite of long flights. Here’s an image of what is usually inside my tote!


Dress for Travel

When you’re in the air for more than 3 hours, comfort is key. Keeping that and the fluctuating temperatures onboard in mind, I dress in comfortable layers and carry a scarf. If I’m planning on wearing heels or sandals, I also pack an extra pair of grip socks to make sure my feet stay warm.

Keep Hydrated

It’s essential to drink lots of water every day, but when you’re exposing yourself to that drying airplane atmosphere, it’s important to drink. Avoid caffeine – that means no coffee or soda, if I absolutely have to, I’ll have green tea.

The recycled air on the plane can leave your lips feeling chapped; I carry my favorite lip balm and slather it on!

Take Care of Your Skin

I avoid washing my face on an airplane because the humidity will not only suck the damp from your face but also dry out your skin – a great alternative is carrying moisturizing skincare wipes and then applying moisturizing lotion all over face, neck, and hands.

Wear Natural Makeup

The key to looking good getting off the plane is to look awake. Often when I travel with my husband, fans or photographers, who inevitably want a picture, greet us and I make sure to freshen up right before landing to accommodate them. I carry my favorite tinted moisturizer, concealer, lip balm, and mascara in my bag. This simple routine allows my skin to breathe; and I look and feel fresh.

Depending on the duration of my flight, I may add or remove some essentials from my carry-on which brings me back to my first point – planning. When you give careful consideration to your needs during travel, you will have a happier and peaceful experience on-board so you’re ready to move on to your next adventure as soon as you land.

Bon Voyage and Happy Travels!

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