Salon Etiquette : Simple Guidelines for your Next Trip !

As a serious salon explorer and someone who loves frequenting them, critiquing their services and reviewing them, today I wanted to write something from and for those standing on the other side of the fence – salon owners and managers.

Similar to clients, who may host grievances against issues they face at salons, salon owners too have objections to certain behavior patterns exhibited by clients. In order to bring those issues to attention, and help popularize salon-visiting etiquette I decided to compile a list of complaints I often hear salon owners discussing. As a client myself, I feel that others who intend to utilize services from spas and salons should bear these points in mind during the course of their visits.

1.  No Lice!

First and foremost, please ensure you have no lice in your hair. This is probably one of the most common problem salon owners have to deal with. It is utterly disgusting and do not be upset when they have to turn you away if you show up with lice in your hair because not only does it repulse them but it can transmit to the staff, the tools and other clients! I know some of you readers must find it hard to believe how people have no sense of hygiene but there are so many clients with lice in their hair that it is surprising, to put it politely.

2.  Don’t Bargain

Please don’t unnecessarily ask for discounts. A salon/spa is a luxury. It is not a necessity. And if you don’t feel like or can’t pay for it then best to not indulge in it. If the salon wants to offer you a discount they will let you know themselves or put up a public deal. Seriously, this is a no-bargain zone. If you want to bargain, Rabi Center, or your local souq is the place for you.

3.  Show Respect

Please treat the staff well. Just like you expect to be treated politely, ensure you do the same. It’s sad to see clients acting like 2 year olds at a candy store over one smudged nail paint.


4.  Direct Complaints to the Manager

If you have an issue at the salon or with a service ensure that you speak to a manager or a senior staff member as opposed to bottling it inside and letting it out on a public forum. If they do not respond well to your complaint, then you may go to the next step – i.e. write about it.

5.  Be Punctual!

Please do not be late to appointments. Unless of course there has been an emergency, it is completely unacceptable. One late client can mess up the next few appointments and waste time. Punctuality is key. That’s why our schools closed gates at 7.30 am. So that we would give punctuality some respect.

6. Tip the Staff!

Do tip the staff. A lot of people like to argue over this point, by saying the salon owners are responsible for salary and/or the salon already charges too much for services. But honestly, if you are getting a Rs. 6000 facial, Rs. 200 as a token of appreciation for the efforts your service-giver put in will not cost you much. What it will do, is bring a smile on their face and possibly help them take home – what is for them a rare luxury like ice-cream, for their kids to enjoy.

That’s about it for now. Will definitely be sending more points to do with salon etiquette, when I encounter issues to do with this topic. xoxo

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