Meet 5 year Old Laila Naim – Burberry’s First Pakistani Model

There’s no discounting the fact that desis have some of the most stunning features and hair . Which is why, so many of our women have enthralled the west with their charisma, looks and personality. Whether it was Miss World Aishwariya Rai. Sri Lankan Jacqueline Fernandez or our own Mehreen Syed – these women have stood tall over the years, winning accolades and hearts as they graced cover after cover…

When Five year old Laila Naim was chosen to front Burberry’s latest campaign – comparisons with the best were bound to arise. But that said, it’s celebrations furore now in Pakistan.


Burberry is one of the most well known fashion and fragrance brands in the world. Another face of their campaign was Romeo Beckham, who of course is no surprise choice considering his lineage.


So who is Laila Naim and how did she bag such a prestigious contract?

5 year old Laila lives in London with her family. Her father Taimur Naim is a banker and mother Sana is a model and entrepreneur.

Laila is no stranger to the camera and has modeled previously for the likes of InStyle, Marie Claire and

Laila’s mother, Sana said “Laila has always shown a fierce independence, and a very strong will. She has a natural grace about herself . She started singing at three and joined a theatre academy where she acts, sings and dances.”

“Laila loves her hair as she feels she is a brown Rapunzel. She has a special star quality and is a very happy child who is very firmly grounded, she is a loving daughter, a naughty sister and a good friend to her peers,” she added.

Laila loves music and is a die -hard fan of Frozen and Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off.


She also loves worrying her older brother and eating biryani like a true blue desi.

“Laila is unaware of the fame she has gathered and her achievements in the fashion world. She is just happy to see her pictures in magazines,” her mother said.
The proud mother also added, “We celebrate Laila’s entry into the mainstream high fashion market as London is the fashion capital of the world and Asians are the largest ethnic minority in the UK. However, there are very few Asian faces representing mainstream fashion brands and to our knowledge no Pakistani models has cracked into the competitive world of high fashion modelling.”


Laila has joined the likes of Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne , who’ve earlier been faces of previous Burberry Campaigns.

The Instagram post featuring Laila has garnered more likes than any other post on the page – including that of established supermodels.

Laila is seen wearing a typical Burberry trench coat in the campaign, with her signature long hair and big eyes. Her mother Sana said that she knew Laila would be selected the moment she saw her audition for the campaign.


We wish this little doe-eyed beauty all the best for the arc lights. Check out Instagram for more pictures!

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