7 Ways to Sleep Smarter

The importance of sleep can not be emphasized enough, yet when there’s an assignment due, or a time crunch arises, sleep’s the first thing that gets sacrificed. We’re all guilty of depriving our bodies of sleep, so here are a few ways on sleeping better and smarter!

  1. Get moving Exercising not only helps tone your body, but also encourages good quality sleep. Just don’t work out for at least 3 hours prior to your bedtime, and you’re good.
  2. Sunshine One of the problems we face today is the lack of outdoor activities, though not everyone suffers from this issue. Do your best to expose yourself to sunshine because it helps wake up your internal clock and regulate itself. Sunlight between 6 to 8.30 is best.
  3. DeSTRESS Don’t take your thoughts to bed with you, especiallynot your stressful thoughts.
  4. Nap They’re not just for little kids. Aim for a 20 minutes power nap, and make sure it’s not more than an hour and a half at MAX,it’s called a nap for a reason.
  5. Food for Thought Eat healthy and keep a routine. Have a large breakfast, moderate lunch and a smaller dinner, and be sure to stop eating at least 2-3 hours before you hit the sack.
  6. Technological Stress Don’t bring your electronics to bed. If you must, keep them at least 3 feet away from where you sleep.
  7. Bathroom Trips Relieve yourself of all nature calls so that you don’t have to wake up at night to go. Often, you can’t sleep after going, and your body is awake till you’re bladder is full so you don’t get the same quality.

& remember, 4 cups of coffee does not equal 4 hours of sleep!

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