Taking Care of Your Hair in the Summer

Hair care in summers

A lot of you out there probably haven’t given this much thought, but similar to skin, hair and scalp are also very sensitive to the sun and the hot summer sun can cause damage if precautions aren’t taken. There are some simple steps one can take to protect hair against the sun’s harmful UV rays. If you’re on a beach vacation or just out and about doing your usual chores in the summer sun, consider the following:

Cover your hair


Religion has nothing to do with this, but your hair would definitely fare better if you keep it covered while in the sun! Hats, caps and scarves are good for protection against direct sunlight and you can work this look by coming off as trendy and stylish too. Tying up your hair in a bun or braid can also limit damage to an extent if you want to avoid covering it. Leaving it open will result in the most damage so just keep that in mind.



Chop! Chop!


It’s always a good idea to get a trim before summer hits as the sun is bound to do extra damage to hair that’s already dry. So, by removing the ends which inevitably end up becoming dry since you got your hair cut last, your hair will look and be in better shape. As your hair grows relatively faster in the summer, no need to stress about it not growing back.



Protection from chlorine/salt water


The best way to pass the summer is to be in a pool or the sea! But do keep in mind that the salt water and chemicals can cause quite a bit of damage. Be gentle to your hair during the summer and consider using a swim cap if you’re dipping into water daily. Most people don’t like the idea of swim caps, and if you’re one of those, you can also just simply apply a little bit of conditioner to your hair before jumping into the water and wash it afterwards.



Use the right shampoo/conditioner


One ends up washing hair more frequently in the summer as we tend to perspire a lot. I would suggest using a clarifying shampoo once a week to clear away product buildup and chemicals. Also, switch to a hydrating shampoo and conditioner in the summer. Avoid hair products containing harsh sulfates, parabens or sodium chlorine – they tend to weigh down your locks. Try the label.m organic range of shampoos and conditioners.



Use UV-protective hair products


Just like we apply sun screen to skin to prevent sun burn, you can find various hair products that are specifically designed to protect your hair from UV rays. For example, you can prevent highlighted hair from lightening too quickly if you use the right finishing product. Look for anti-UV hair sprays or leave-in conditioners. Do keep in mind that such products should be applied to damp hair for best results.


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