Hair Extensions for Your Wedding

Hair extensions for wedding

On your wedding day, transform yourself with the long, luscious clip-ins you’ve always dreamed of.



Hair extensions are becoming more and more popular trend amongst brides. While you may have found the perfect hairstyle for your wedding day, your hair might be too short or not thick enough to pull it off. Hair extensions can help add volume, length, thickness and chemical-free to any style.Even if you’ve never used them before, don’t be afraid. Your hairstylist can make them look perfectly natural.



If your hair is thin or lifeless then volume is exactly what you need. You can add a few pieces to achieve great thickness andextra volume you’ve always wanted.


Many women find their hair only grows to a set length before starting to look unhealthy and thin with split ends. With hair extensions you can achieve any length you desire. This will come in handy for achieving certain looks, such as long loose curls or a braid.

You can even play with color and add extensions that are one to two shades lighter or darker, to create high- or low-lights. You can choose from a great variety of colors from mild to wild shades.



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Sabah Shaikh
Crazy about hair with a deep passion for beauty, Sabah Shaikh, Co-Founder and business owner of Axia Hair, brings you her best expertise, tips and tricks to adding hair extensions to help enhance your beauty. She has over 6 years of experience with Hair extensions and recently launched her own hair extension company to help other women change their hair looks without causing hair damage. An expert in her field Sabah loves to play with colours, textures, waves, curls and straight hair.

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