DIY All Natural Hair Remedies To Try At Home

Natural Hair Remedies

Although I love my ‘label.m’ styling products and wouldn’t exchange them for the world, I was asked to write some blogs on Natural DIY Haircare by the lovely folks at Desi Beauty Blog – so, with a little bit of research, I’ve put together a few substitutes for styling products that will get you great results and with little (or no) damage to the environment or your hair. The ingredients and methods are quite simple, so try it out and let me know how it works out for you.


Smoothing Serum

This is perfect for people who want their hair to stay soft and luscious but don’t want to spend too much time faffing around with it. All you need to do is take a small amount of pure Vitamin E oil, rub it in on to your hands and then run both palms over your hair, starting from your roots and going all the way down to your tips. If you have split or dry ends, apply a little bit directly to your tips. Make sure to use a small quantity as a little amount goes a long way; the less is more strategy works the best when it comes to using Vitamin E on your hair.


Light Hold Gel

If you are looking to keep that ponytail in place or set your bangs so your styling doesn’t go to waste in the scorching and humid weather, you will need something with a little more hold than Vitamin E oil. This is where pure Aloe Vera gel comes into the picture. If you don’t have an Aloe Vera plant in your home, go get one (it’s a fairly stress-free plant to grown, even if you don’t have magical green fingers) – it’s not expensive, grows very easily and has many health benefits. While that is a long term solution… for the short term, you can purchase some pure Aloe gel from reliable stores. All you have to do is to apply it straight to your hair as you would with any store-bought product. This will offer your hair a gentle hold that is not laden with nasty chemicals that effect your hair growth, shine and health in the long term.

Shine Spray

Luscious shiny locks can either make or break your look since they are signs of a healthy body. While some of us are blessed with envy inducing shine, others have to take a little help from nature which is where I will be guiding you. Take an orange, chop it into tiny pieces and put into boiling water for 3-4 minutes. Once that is done, strain the liquid and add 7 drops of lavender essential oil to it. Now grab an empty spray bottle and pour the mixture in it. The addition of lavender oil helps in the promotion of new hair and is known to be a fighting agent against dandruff. This mixture will add shine to your hair whenever you spray it on and it helps it smell great too. Just remember to shake the bottle before using the hair spray on your dry or damp tresses.


Sea Salt Spray

This is perfect for the summer, when everyone wants to flaunt beach-y waves that make you casually chic yet stylish at the same time. Use this natural formula to infuse a beach-babe texture into your look. Take a bowl and mix 1 cup of hot water (should not be boiling hot), 2 tsp of sea salt (or Epsom salt), 1 tsp Aloe Vera gel and 4-5 drops of 100% Lavender or any other essential oil. Shake the bottle before applying and spray this organic formula on your damp strands. Use your fingers to de-tangle the locks and let the air dry your hair naturally and voila, you will be left with voluminous and textured beach-y waves that are perfect for the summers.

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