Are Hair Extensions Bad for our Hair?

In no uncertain terms, the answer is YES. But there are ways to prevent hair extensions doing the worst damage to your hair.

First of all, it has been revealed by Trichologists in London that glue hair extensions are bad for the hair, and they are trying to get an outright ban on them.

Their reasons for this is because hair extensions can cause traction alopecia which is baldness caused by tension on the hair follicle and the hair root. You may never regain this hair once the root has been damaged and the follicle becomes permanently damaged.

This is an awful thought, and one of the reasons I choose not to do hair extension services. Although, I do agree with the clip-in hair extensions as they are removed each day and won’t put very much stress on the hair at all. I will carry out this service and offer colour or cutting to match the extensions and blend in with the natural hair.

Doctors are saying there is an increase in about 15% of women seeing the doctor because of traction alopecia hairloss, caused by extensions.

As a word of advice from a professional hairdresser, I would recommend you only get extension done by a hairdresser qualified in extensions. They know how best to place them, and they also know to rotate the extensions so that each time they are renewed they are not putting stress on the same areas. They are also available to remove any that may be pulling on the hair, and will reapply to avoid that.

You must get the extensions looked at and maintained every month for best results and to ensure your hair is checked for damage. If there is damage, they should be removed straight away and you should seek medical advice.

Ensure you don’t pull the extensions this is very important. The hair root is taking extra weight as it is, so you won’t want to add to the burden.

And just for the record, sewn in extensions are worse for the hair.

So beware, and get them done properly and look after them exactly how your stylist recommends and you shouldn’t encounter too many issues. If you do, address it right way to prevent permanent damage.

Good luck!




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