5 Commandments For Good Hair

Your hair care routine should be like a cleanse, tone and moisturize for your face. But for hair lets call it the cleanse, condition, repair and style.



Did you know, and if you have been keeping up with my posts from the beginning, that you should cleanse the hair twice. There are circumstances when you may not need to do so, but generally for someone that doesn’t wash their hair every day, you would need to cleanse twice.

Why? Because the first cleanse will lift surface dirt and the second cleanse will take it away. If you have a good beauty therapist she will also tell you that to have amazing skin, you need to double cleanse. So get going with this but remember to treat any problem scalp first, then treat the hair type. For instance, an oil scalp and dry ends could be something like this: Shampoo for oily hair would for the first cleanse, and the second cleanse would be a moisture or repair shampoo for dry/damaged hair.



Every head of hair needs conditioner to stop the cuticles from remaining open after the cleanse, and damage getting into the hair shaft. Even if you have very fine hair, you should use something to close the cuticles. For fine hair I would recommend a leave in spray conditioner, which is very light. A fine mist will do.


Once a week your hair may need some extra help to bring it back to life again. Anything from sun damage, to chemical damage, or damage from the elements, can make our hair feel drier, rougher in texture, lacking in moisture or frizzy. Your weekly repair regime will help control this and put back what is missing.

You can use anything from oils, reconstruct masque, moisture masque, shine masque, sun damage masque to help restore what has been lost. But, you should make this a regular weekly routine for it to make a lasting difference. You should also have a salon treatment once a month as a deep treatment that you can’t buy off the shelf.



If you have been saying, oh I never condition my hair, it will just be too flat, then firstly, your not using the correct conditioner, and secondly, make sure you do. You can always use styling and finishing products to add volume to the hair, or add density, or dryness, or shine…..The list can go on. This is all temporary until it brushes out, or you cleanse it out. So it won’t damage the hair.

Don’t be afraid of using products in your hair, ask your hairdresser to show you how to use them and when to use them. That’s what we are here for. We want you to look your best away from the salon, so we can work together to find suitable products for you.

Follow this for great hair all year round.

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