Workout: Make Your Own TRX Cables

How to make a TRX cable

Lets face it! Workout equipment can be expensive not to mention take a lot of space. That’s what I love about MY home workout equipement. It virtually takes up no space at all, and its ENVIRONMENTALLY Friendly! Why? Because most of the stuff I own at my home gym has been reused and remade saving me tons of money.

I love doing various TRX exercises when I’m traveling or need to get a quick workout at home. I’m all about efficiency. So when I was looking to get a set for my home, I realized that I can easily acquire a few items for cheap or find them in my garage.

Here is how I made mine at home:

First, I bought a pair of suspension straps from a car parts center. This was $10!! These are great because they are adjustable in length and have the hooks already connected. So all you need to do is set up the parts on the wall (or ceiling, or a bar) that the hooks will attach to.

Second: I bought a pair of handles from the same place and these were $4.99! These will attach to the bottom part of the straps and will be the handles used to perform all your excercises.

You will need these hooks to attach the handle to the straps, for a more secure handle. I wouldn’t recommend attaching the handle to the S looking hook, as it may unattach and you don’t want to hurt yourself!

The end result will look something like the image below. Its really that simple and all at the lowest cost possible!

So Suspension Training is a really great way to challenge your stability and body weight training and train your weaknesses.


Here are some really great full body exercises that you can do at home with your new TRX set!!

1. Chest Fly

DBB Post Image 10th 10 AM 1

2. Suspended Pushups

DBB Post Image 10th 10 AM 2

3 – Assisted Single Leg Squats (or Pistol Squats)

DBB Post Image 10th 10 AM 3

4 – Single Leg Suspended Lunge

DBB Post Image 10th 10 AM 4

5 – Oblique Raises

DBB Post Image 10th 10 AM 5

6 – Delt Fly

DBB Post Image 10th 10 AM 6


Have you tried working out with TRX cables? Did it help your fitness routine? Let us know in the comments section.

DBB Post Image 10th 10 AM 7

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