Makeup Masterclass

Instructor: Nilo Haq

12 comprehensive modules with Certificate of Completion



Our Makeup Masterclass is the very first pro makeup course that is tailored for South Asians and is designed to ensure maximum transfer of knowledge right from your screen with a 1 on 1 teaching environment. The entire course is recorded in 4K HD and contains step-by-step makeup application demos for you to follow and practice along.

This course is for you if you are:

  • looking to learn how to apply makeup properly on yourself or clients in less time
  • considering becoming a makeup artist or looking to improve your current makeup techniques
  • a beauty professional looking to enhance your knowledge about makeup and beauty
  • a makeup artist looking to elevate your makeup game for South Asian bridals

You will have one-year access to all 12 comprehensive modules with unlimited access from any type of screen anywhere in the world!


This is an amazing course. Nilo Haq goes over every small detail and shares her tips and tricks of the trade. This course truly helped me enhance my makeup skills to become a better makeup artist. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Sadia Ahmed

Lovedd your course!! There is no other course that explains the foundations as well as this course. I felt my skills approve instantly just by applying small tips shared during the course. Thank you for being so kind, open and sharing all your tips and tricks with us. Looking forward to other courses!

Hiba javed

Loved this course! For our south Asian skin, we need to know exactly what products and techniques work for us and this course not only does that but offers so much more.


I am a professional makeup artist and i join this course to polish my skills and this course helps alot. Thank you so much Nilo for making this content for us.


Nilohaq gave best makeup tutorial.helped a lot


loved the masterclass, super in-depth and fully virtual!

Uzma Walayat

An amazing course if you are looking to acquire new skills or polish your existing skills!

Erum tahir

Very thorough detailed and informative course,, detailing the techniques and tips of makeup. Extremely useful information


Easy to follow, even for everyday makeup applications.

Ayesha Saleem

Nilo is just an amazing make up artist but the sweetest person you will come across. She is willing to teach you her secrets in the comfort of your home. I have taken her make up course and have loved it so much. She has worked with Mahira Khan and Ayeza Khan so obviously is very good her job.


As a makeup artist taking Nilo’s Basic makeup class was the best decision I made. I also took red dress bridal class. I learned so much product details with precise application techniques with her courses.There is so much product out there but with Nilo she will advice to buy the best for your makeup kit.All these details I never learned in my other makeup artist class. The work book is a master piece which I hang on all the time. Each and every step is mentioned in detail which you might have missed it her video. I really wish Nilo does an in- person class for bridal. I am always looking forward to take her new classes.

Rania Noor

this was my first time ever purchasing a makeup course. I've been a fan of nilo haq ever since I saw her makeup on a friend so when this course became available I just knew I had to register for it. I love how everything was explained in such detail. All the nitty gritty stuff that people don't usually tell was all included. The workbook itself was so informative as well. 10/10 recommend this course to anyone who is considering it.

Uroosa aziz

i was enrolled on the first online batch of the Nilo Basic Online Makeup Course, the course was thoughtfully curated with all the possible questions one could think of. i really enjoyed and learned a lot from this course. Best part was the certificate which was emailed after the course completion. regards, Uroosa

Kimberly R

The videos and PDF file is a huge help in learning makeup 101! Nilo provides specifics on tools, products and techniques. I thoroughly enjoyed the ability to watch and learn. I also started to build my makeup tools and products from her recommendation which were proven in the video. I highly recommend this class as a great beginner to learning about application and techniques.

Suha Chughtai

Very informative and useful!


Nilo is such an incredible and amazing person, I am glad I chose her as formal training for my makeup skills. I was an enthusiast but never had formal training in the technicalities of makeup until I took the masterclass by Nilo Haq.

Sarah Mirza

Nilo Haqs makeup course is revolutionary and the first of its kind. With unmatched videography everything was easily explained and her videos were fun to watch

Samavia Asif

I love Nilo Haq’s make up tutorial. They have so much detail and she explained everything in step by step process. I am already a certified make up artist from Glow Academy and I am doing my own makeup for 6+ years and still I decided to sign for Nilo’s online course because you can always learn and brush up your skills. She is totally amazing I follow her on instagram and she is an inspiring and talented women. If anyone is interested in learning make I surely Recommend to buy Nilo’s online make tutorials. Thank you Nilo

Nafas Khan

This class is not only for pros but for individuals who wants to learn every day makeup. This class provided me with knowledge of skin , and techniques used to achieve a flawless application. Moreover to to read your clients skin texture and what product best for which skin type . Loved it .

Sahar Alam

Very detailed and step by step approach that was easy to understand and apply in my makeup routine. She is truly a pro and amazing artist. I learned a lot of different techniques that I didn’t know before.

About the Instructor

Nilo Haq is a bridal makeup artist and makeup educator with over 15 years of experience and thousands of students across Asia, the Middle East, and North America. Having learned from Pat McGrath, Makeup Forever, Samer Khuzaimi, and other top educators herself, this Makeup Masterclass includes the best-in-class methods and course design for maximum learning and retention. For more information visit:

Class Workbook

This workbook is the perfect aid in helping you remember Nilo’s top tips and secrets taught in the classes.

12 Month Access

Over 1,000 students received their Certificate of Completion provided by the Nilo Haq Academy.

12 Comprehensive Modules

Knowledge-packed lessons featuring everything from product recommendations to complete makeup applications.


This course can be viewed anytime, anywhere so there’s nothing holding you back from kick-starting your makeup journey.



Certificate of Completion

Certificate of Completion provided by the Nilo Haq Academy.

12 Comprehensive Modules

Module 1 Introduction to Makeup Artistry and Foundations

Ever felt like you’ve spent the money on foundations but aren’t getting the results promised? Kick off your learning with a knowledge-packed lesson on identifying what foundation formulations work for you and how to select shades that complement South Asian skin tones.

Module 2 Skin Prep, Analysis and Correction

Great skin will always be in! In this module, learn how to prep your skin for a smooth and lasting makeup application, analyze what your problem zones are and learn how to correct them – without having to spend hours!

Module 3 Color Correlation

The (eyeshadow/lipstick) colors that suit your favorite Instagram influencer? They may not suit you! Learn with Nilo how to identify what your undertones are and how to select shades that will compliment your specific skintone!

Module 4 Covering Dark Circles

Every South Asian female has had one (or ten!) issues with dark circles and covering them! Watch Nilo illuminate your under eye area and conceal dark circles while ensuring you look natural.. like you’ve had ten hours of much needed sleep!

Module 5 Covering Acne + Scars

Cystic acne? Deep scarring? In this module, Nilo will teach you exactly how to cover imperfections that might hamper your confidence with minimal products for long-lasting results! No touchups needed here!

Module 6 Shaping the Face

Learn how to identify what your face shape is, what areas to contour and where to highlight! We all have different bone structures – so forget the Pinterest hacks on how to contour/highlight because this is not a one-fits-all situation!

Module 7 Mature Skin

Mature skin just does not have the same elasticity younger skin does! This is the class that will teach you the secrets of making your skin look ‘lifted’ and helping you minimize wrinkles and fine lines, signs of a life well-lived!

Module 8 Natural Makeup Look

Got a get-together at home? Planning on doing a family photo-shoot? Practicing Eid/Diwali makeup? Then this is the class for you! Learn how to look natural, glowing, and how to subtly enhance your beauty from start to finish!

Module 9 Glam Makeup Application

A lesson full of tips and tricks to teach you how to perfect the glam look, while still looking like YOU! Eye shadow fall out? Liner woes? Worry not! Nilo Haq will teach your how to flawlessly replicate one of her most requested glam looks, on yourself, by yourself!

Module 10 Glowing Evening Makeup Application

Perfect for those who don’t have the time to get ready professionally before attending a special wedding/event? Learn how to look and feel like a million bucks as Nilo Haq takes your from start to finish in this glowing evening makeup application class keeping in mind the South Asian beauty and makeup trends.

Module 11 Natural Bronze Glam Look

Learn how to create 3-D skin, combat darkness around the lips and perfect the art of highlighting and contouring using banana powders.

Module 12 Victoria’s Secret Angel Inspired Look

Ever wanted to look naturally glam? This is the module for you! Packed with tips and tricks on how to make the latest makeup trends, like glass-skin, work for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long is the course and how long does it take to complete?

Ans: The course comprises of 12 modules and requires information retention and practice. It is ideal to complete all 12 modules over a 8-week period and then repeat the course with about 8 weeks of practice. However, you will have one year to complete all the modules.

Q: Can I do the payment in installments?

Ans: No, at this time we dont have a monthly payment plan

Q: What if I decide to opt out of the course, can I get a refund?

Ans: We do not usually entertain refunds. Payments once done are non-refundable, but if you are really not satisfied or would like to highlight another issue, you can email us on

Q: Can the course be bought as individual modules?

Ans: No, at this time we are bundling all 12 modules as one Makeup Masterclass package

Q: Is the workbook included in the course or do I have to purchase it?

Ans: Yes, the workbook is a part of the Masterclass and you will get the copy with your access upon enrolment.

Q: What does the workbook consist of?

Ans: The workbook is basically the entire course with a master product list, tips, recommendations, and steps.

Q: How to get in touch with you?

Ans: You can feel free to drop us an email at