Thinking Aloud — How To Landscape The Female Goatee?

To be or not to be (Hairy) —that’s the perplexing aesthetic question that bugs, every female standing in front of the mirror tackling her facial hair.

Why Hair Sneak Up On You At A Certain Age?

Facial hair is a secondary sexual character that starts to sprout on teenage faces as they go through puberty. While boys can’t wait Brunettes across the planet can celebrate their hairy genes, by showing off their lush set of bushy eyebrows and ritzy manes, but when it comes to panegyrizing lady-beard & moustache they have never been on trend —EVER. Hairy face on a female has always been undesirable. “Grandma you have such a hairy face”, little Red Ridding Hood exclaimed with concern making fairytale history, and that concern has haunted every female young and old before and since.

for the process of growing a beard to be faster and thicker as they transition from boys to proud men, girls with excessive facial fuzz feel embarrassed and cheated out of their femininity at that tender age. Ladies genetics, and hormones ultimately dictate how hairy you are going to be—so if your mom has chin hair, you most likely will, too.

Some times facial hair catches up on women late in life, especially as they go through menopause and female hormone levels drop.

Epilation —There Are So Many Ways To Skin A Cat

They say when there is a will there is a way, actually in our case at hand there are many ways to furtively remove facial hair: tweezing, waxing, bleaching, laser, hair growth retarding creams —even shaving.


Threading rips out hair at the root, and mechanical epilators do the same job of plucking out hair a little more efficiently, while waxing entails using hot caramelized sugar to pull hair from the roots. Waxing medically speaking is highly irritating to sensitive skin as it also tugs at the surrounding skin ripping away part of the epidermis. Wrong temperature and you might end up with a skin burn with serious pain and side effects.

Depilatory creams may seem like a less irritating option to some, but they are packed with strong chemicals that dissolve hair bonds. Point to ponder, if these creams can chemically dissolve your tough hair in few minutes think about the damage they might be causing to the surrounding skin.

Bleaching involves using hydrogen peroxide to strip dark pigment from the hair leaving behind blonde fuzz. Timing is of essence here, left on the skin for a little too long and you might end up with a chemical burn with all the ugly sequelae of a burn.

Vaniqa, is a medicated cream that if rubbed on skin daily, after hair removal by waxing or threading for ten days post epilation helps reduce and retard hair growth over time. It doesn’t remove hairs, but it slows down how fast they grow and makes them come in finer and softer.

Shaving when performed correctly, leads to the least amount of trauma to the skin surrounding the hair. But the whole idea of shaving feels very unfeminine to some, especially when it comes to the face.


Though painful and expensive, laser treatment is the only long-lasting option for hair removal — and an investment of a few Furry Fendi Bugs proportion. Lasers work by concentrating on the color in the hair, which is why they tend to work better on people with thicker, darker hair. Laser light targets brown or black color, as hair shafts with maximum pigment absorb most of the heat and if the hair follicle is in growing (Anagen) phase the hair burns and the growing root burns with it. The catch 22 in laser hair reduction is understanding the hair growth cycle —hair go through three cycles in its life time, at one point in time 10-15% of our hair are in growing (Anagen) phase, 60-70% are in resting (Catagen) phase and 10-15% are in falling (Telogen) phase. Unfortunately laser can affect hair only during anagen phase, so when hair is not in the growing phase we have no permanent affect. That’s why it can take multiple (five to ten) sessions to see long lasting results especially on the face.


Now you have the down and low on most of the hair removal options available in the market currently, but before you engage in one of the ways to landscape excessive hair on your face, I’d advice you to consult a doctor if you have more than normal hair on your cheeks and chin, to rule out any hormonal causes like polycystic ovaries etc. In those cases, your doctor might suggest a medicine like birth control pills to lower the amount of hormones that are linked to excessive hair growth. Meanwhile choose wisely and thank your genetics for your Cara brows, being hairy is a mixed gift —both a curse and a blessing.

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