The Best Sunscreens For desis

Best sunscreens for summer

In the previous part of this post, we discussed the importance of sunscreen and why we need to wear it – during the harsh heat of summer, more importantly. Now whether you love a healthy tan or want your skin as pale as possible (which is the case with most asians), the idea of wearing a sunscreen is to protect your skin, rather than to promote the idea of a particular skin tone.

Now that we all know why we need to wear sunscreen and what we need to look for, in a sunscreen – let’s find out which sunscreen will actually work for us. Here are some I’ve used and seen remarkable results with.

Remember to apply your sunscreen 30 minutes before sun exposure, for optimal results.

Avene Eau Thermale Very High Protection Sun Range :


Price – Rs. 1250

SPF: 50

Avene is a super trustworthy brand and makes some of the best skin care products. Their thermal water and cleanance mask have won several beauty awards in their respective categories.

Now onto their sun range – this range offers a Sunscreen Cream, an emulsion and a lotion.

The packaging is a bright orange for all the products and the cream and emulsion come in sturdy tubes while the lotion comes in a bottle.

The emulsion is more suitable for oily skin and is a little runny in texture. It is a pale white lotion which blends easily into your skin and leaves no ashiness or white cast behind.

Deeper tones may find that it leaves a bit of a greyish tinge to the skin, but it’s something that fades off in a bit.

The cream is a little more thick, almost toothpaste-like, and works well for oily skin types. I find that the cream tends to leave a bit more of a grey residue than the emulsion, then again it is no dealbreaker.

What I love :

Both the cream and the emulsion are super effective at preventing sunburn and tanning. I’m not even a stickler for re- application of sunscreens, but I’ve seen that this offers premium protection for at least 5 hours, after which it wanes.

I haven’t tried the lotion from this range before, but I’ve read that it isn’t as effective as the other products in the range so I’ve decided to give it a miss.

The price factor for Avene products is a tad bit high, but for skin types that are either
– really pale
– super – sensitive to hyperpigmentation (like mine) (or)
– prone to sun burn

these products are a total saviour.

Lotus Herbals Safe Sun 3 in 1 Matte SunBlock –


Price – Rs. 345

SPF – 40

Probably the most loved sunscreen from the safe sun range, this daily wear sunscreen is very different from most other sunscreens in the market. For one, it promises a 3- way action which is

– Mattifying
– Skin lightening
– Sun protection (of course)

The product is like a thick, smooth cream that lands on your palm with a satisfying dollop (oooh) , and, the best part is that it is tinted like a foundation.

It is almost like a nice bb cream and spreads easily and forms a nice screen on your skin, but doesn’t offer any foundation-like coverage per se.

The only downside though, is that you really need to exfoliate before using this as it can exaggerate dryness and patchiness or marks on your skin and tends to cling to them.
It works great as a makeup base and lasts you a complete work day (8 hrs) if indoors. If outdoors, you may need a reapplication.

What I love :

Definitely prevents tanning, very affordable and no greasiness or white cast whatsoever. This is the real deal!

Ansolar Daily Use Sun Gel :

Price – Rs. 650

SPF – 30

A medicated sunscreen, this one is most often recommended by many dermatologists themselves.

It has a cream base but it melts to almost gel-like consistency on your skin. It blends very easily and is extremely lightweight.

What I love – This is a total boon if you’re oily skinned – it doesn’t weigh your skin down or get greasy.

Seba Med –


Price – Rs. 1500
SPF – 50+

Another derma favorite, this sunscreen, as the name suggests is for girls with sensitive skin, prone to breakouts and acne.

It does have a bit of a greasy finish though, which IMO isn’t going to go down well with oily-skinned girls. But if I had to choose, I’d go for grease over clogged pores and breakouts anyday 🙂

What I love –

It’s great that there’s a sunscreen specially made for skin prone to breakouts. It’s no secret that sunscreens create a thin film over the skin that often results in blocked pores and sebum buildup, this sunscreen is just great if that’s your concern. Oh, and no white cast or greyish tinge.

Neutrogena Dry Touch SPF :


Price – Rs 500 / 90 ml
SPF – 50

So the thing about Neutrogena is, some women can’t stop raving about it, while others just shun the brand. Luckily, this has worked for me and for a lot of girls I know so it’s up on this list.
Though the product says “dry touch “ it is actually known for leaving a nice, dewy finish on your skin . You can wear it under makeup or under a light dusting of powder. You might need to blot your face from time to time but this product does protect the skin well for long hours.

What I love :

High protection for long hours, works for all skin types.

Vichy Capital Soleil Mattifying Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid :


Price : Rs. 890/50ml

SPF : 50

Vichy is known for their very potent range of skincare products and this sunscreen is no exception. The Capital Soleil range has produced some very remarkable products and I find that this one in particular, is extremely worth it.

To begin with, this sunscreen blends in easily, leaves no grease, no mask-like effect, works as a great primer (yes!), smooths out your complexion, mattifies and yes, it doesn’t allow sunburn and tanning.

This is a broad spectrum protection product and is one of those sunscreens everyone needs to own.

What I love :

Works for everyone, regardless of skin type, yes even for combination skin, protects and also improves complexion with usage (contains vichy thermal spa water)

So there you have it, my pick of sunscreens for us desis – no matter what your skin type or sensitivity threshold is.

I hope you guys find your go-to sunscreen from this list, and it does help to remember to keep out of the sun when it’s at its peak. No sunscreen can protect your skin a 100%, so have your fun but stay protected as well!

Have a glorious summer 🙂

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