Hair Removal 101 – Part I

Whether its hair on the face, legs, arms, bikini line, or any other part we women desire to remove it and are intent on having visible hair only our scalps. With the desire to be hairless, there comes a question of what method to use to receive the result.

There are many methods of hair removal starting from the basic shaving, to the rather newer laser treatments. But which is the best method for you? This actually depends on the amount you are willing to spend, the time available, your skin type, and also the desired hair free area. Read on to find which method is perfect for you.


This is one the most common methods of hair removal that we have all used at some point or the other. Men use it to remove facial hair and women use it to remove hair from their arms and legs. However, it is also used to remove hair from other unwanted areas.

  • EquipmentShaving requires a razor (or a shaver) to cut the hair close to the skin. Often products such as shaving cream and after shaves are also used.
  • Level of ToleranceNo, actually shaving doesn’t hurt but if you cut yourself while shaving, well, that hurts.
  • Does it work?Yes, shaving does work, but we have to remember it is temporary. Shaving cuts the hair off at the surface of the skin and within a day or two it has to be shaved again. Also the short hair shaft is more visible as it has a blunt tip instead of the regular tapered tip.
  • CostShaving is inexpensive as we can pick up a package of disposable razors at any store for the price of 15SR. Shaving creams and aftershaves can also be purchased for a small amount, and a little goes a long way.

However, shaving does become a chore and takes a lot of time.

2) Waxing

Nowadays, waxing has become a common practice and can be done at a salon, and also at home using waxing kits.

  • EquipmentWaxing consists of a wax mixture which is heated, applied on the skin, covered by a cloth strip, and allowed to cool. Once cooled, the cloth strip is pulled off in the opposite direction of hair growth.
  • Level of ToleranceYes, it is painful as you are ripping the hairs out of the roots. Over time however, the hair follicle becomes weaker, making it less painful.
  • Does it work?Waxing pulls off hair from its root, effectively giving you hairless skin for a period of 2-6 weeks. This can help you to save time and can be used to remove large amounts of hair at a time.
  • CostIf you are going to be waxing at a salon regularly, it is going to be expensive. Doing it at home, although not as cheap as shaving is still a reasonable amount as a waxing kit can be purchased at most stores for a price of 35SR.

If you are going to choose waxing as a method of hair removal, be sure to have a high pain tolerance. Also, waxing removes the upper epidermis lair of the skin and continuous waxing can lead to looser skin.

3) Epilators

This is a very similar process to waxing which removes hair from its roots.

  • EquipmentEpilating requires an epilator which can be purchased at electronic stores. The epilator consists of a series of metal plates mounted in a plastic housing. The head rotates, causing the metal plates to open and close once per each revolution, creating a tweezing effect.
  • Level of ToleranceYes, as it is pulling hair out from the roots, it does hurt. But just like waxing, overtime it becomes less painful.
  • Does it work?Yes, it does work and can give a result of smooth hairless skin for a period of 2-6 weeks.
  • CostThe starting price for epilating is expensive as an epilator usually costs 200SR. However, after the initial cost, it can be considered cheap as no additional equipment is needed.

Unlike waxing, epilating does not remove the upper epidermal cells and therefore results in very smooth hairless skin.

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