Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes With These Quick Fixes

Puffy eyes treatment

It’s a bright, sunny day – you pop on your favorite shades and your favorite outfit and head out for a day of fun . Little does the world know that those shades are playing saviour today, hiding those puffy puffy eyes beneath!

Puffy eyes with bags underneath are such an underrated facial evil that only those with the unnecessary baggage up there know the feeling – trust me, I’ve been blessed with puffy eyes with huge bags underneath and nothing from concealers to brighteners seem to help :

So if you’re a fellow sister victim of the Puffy Eye Monster, let’s get this baddie for real and for good now!


Give ‘em some tea loving!

Your eyes love tea bags, most of the puffiness is caused by inflamed blood vessels. This also explains the redness.

Herb teas contain many calming ingredients like green tea and chamomile that soothe and help inflammation.

Use steeped tea bags that are not too warm, but just right on your lids and lay down and relax.


Potato slices!

Did you guess this one ? Bet you did, cause this works for sure !

Cut some potatoes into slices and apply the slices directly onto your eyes and lie down. Let your skin absorb the enzymes and don’t wipe off the excess juice.
Potato juice not only has inflammatory powers, but also has lightening properties. Since the skin around your eyes in thinner than the rest of your face, it also helps remove excess pigmentation and fight dark circles. You can also use potato juice all over your face to lighten a tan.


Eggy quick fix!

It is no secret that egg whites tighten your skin, but did you know that you could use them under your eyes as well ?

First get all of your hair out of the way and use a brush to gently brush the egg white mix under your eyelid, you could also extend this to the rest of your face if you’re feeling like a tightening/whitening mask.

Keep this on for about fifteen minutes and rinse off with cold water.


Rehydrate with salt!

Make a concentrated solution of salt and warm water. Dip some cotton pads in this and let it soak for a minute. Lie down and let the salt pads rest on your lids for a few minutes.

While salty food is not good for your body, salt water on your lids cools the puffiness away and leaves your lids looking peachy fresh !


Emergency quick fixes!

So if this is one of those occasions where you really don’t have the time to make a special eye gel or cooling solution just use some fresh cucumber slices dipped in aloe gel and leave them on your poppers for a bit.

When all else seems too complicated, or you just have no fancy ingredients in your kitchen, use some good old water and splash it on your lids for a few minutes.

We would love to know if these fixes worked in getting rid of puffiness, do let us know in the comments.

Also, puffy lids are the result of humidity, extreme stress and bloating. Eat healthy, stay hydrated and always wear a sunscreen. You could also take zinc supplements to see a positive change. xo

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