The REAL Secrets of Celeb Skincare

I kept being asked, “How do the celebs look so flawless day in and day out?” my answer is simple and realistic it takes a village to perfect a red carpet look. Most celebs work with a team of people dedicated to helping them look flawless — aestheticians, dermatologists, makeup artists, and photographers. I speak from professional experience when I say that the stars are just like everyone else: They experience dark circles, cystic acne, blackheads, and brown spots. But, since their physical appearance is an important and integral part of their careers, they spend a lot of time and money doing whatever they need to put their best face forward.


Busted Is The Myth: “Celebs have Good Genes”

While good genes definitely play a role in certain skin conditions like oiliness, skin color, and skin thickness, you might be surprised to learn that approximately 30% of aging can be attributed to genetics and 70% to personal habits. This fact is clinically proven by studies that evaluated how identical-twins age. If it were all left to genetics, it would make sense for twins to age in the same manner and at the same rate, but research has shown us that lifestyle factors play a huge role. For example, if one person smokes or works in a profession that forces them to have more exposure to UV rays, one is bound to age faster than the other non-smoking twin who is rarely exposed to harmful UV rays.

Most skin experts agree on the fact that good genes definitely play a role in how skin looks and acts, but, ultimately, it’s how you take care of your skin on a daily basis that’s a reflection of your age.


Real “Secrets” Of Celeb Skincare

Celebs do have a few tricks up their sleeves, which help them keep their skin flawless. Here are a few cardinal rules that you can adopt to give yourself an edge on the rest of the nescient populace.


Understand Your Skin Type And Stay Loyal To Your Skincare Routine


The first and most important rule to achieve good skin is: understanding your skin type — normal, dry, oily, pigmented, sensitive or a mix. Second rule to be on your way to achieve skin perfection is: using products created for your specific skin type only. If people with oily skin will use products for dry skin only a disaster and an acne flare can come out of that. If you are unable to match your correct skin type to your skincare routine get professional help and see a dermatologist. Once you find the winning formula stick to it don’t change for the heck of changing. If your skin is changing, then and only then is it time for a change.


In your daily skincare routine look for products with active ingredients like retinol, vitamin C, peptides, and salicylic acid, find a well-formulated moisturizer with sunscreen and apply it generously to the face and neck 365 days a year. Sunscreen is absolutely the most effective anti-aging product available.


Professional Skincare Treatments


Chemical peels, oxygen treatments, bio-brasion, ultrasonic exfoliation, Mesotherapy, LED light, micro-current, RF facials Ultrasound facials…they do it all, oftentimes on a weekly basis. Of course, for a lot of us, this isn’t realistic — or affordable — but good skin maintenance is something we can all manage. And, if you can’t make it into a med spa or dermatologist’s office for monthly treatments, look for at-home treatments that can boost your skin similarly.


Stay Out Of Sun


The number one cause of wrinkles and skin pigmentations is UV rays from the sun. Wearing an SPF moisturizer on the face and neck, 365 days a year, rain or shine, inside or outside is imperative. And, whenever possible (and assuming you’re interested in avoiding premature wrinkles), limit your time in the sun. Your skin will thank you and you’ll keep a smooth, healthy-looking, and even-toned texture.


Don’t be a starry-eyed fool next time you see a celebrity in a magazine. Their beauty routine is likely anything but easy and effortless.

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Shazia Ali
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