6 Must Have Lip Balms this Winter

One of the main features of our face that help us to speak, eat and even show affection are our lips. Soft and large lips have come into the limelight after stars like Angelina Jolie & Scarlett Johansson have made them a symbol of beauty. Winter takes a toll on your lips making them dry and chapped. Some of us even get to a point where are lips become dry and at times cracked or bleeding. Loss of moisture in the lip skin causes chapped lips. Which can happen due to exposure to the sun, cold air from the outdoors or even (from our AC’s) and even constantly licking them. Simply put chapped lips can get painful – read ahead for some tried and tested lip balms, which can help you have soft, moisturized lips everyday!

Luxury Brand Lip Balms:

Dior Creme De Rose Lip Balm Once you start using this lip balm, there is no going back. It’s not just a lip balm but more so a treatment for the lips. It makes such a huge difference that when you stop using it your lips don’t quite feel the same anymore. It’s Dior, so it is a bit on the pricy side (120sr) but I’d say totally worth the splurge. It comes in a white retro-ish pot, but really wish it came in a sanitary tube. Smells great, hydrating, soothing and absorbs easily into the lips. A favorite. dior-creme-de-rose-lip-balm La Mer de Lip Balm La Mer, what can I say – this balm is perfect. This elite luxury brand creates top noche products. You’d be crazy thinking to buy a 250sr lip balm (yes, its really that much) but once you try it you wont’ be able to stop touching your lips. Unlike many lip balms this one is smooth like butter, its not greasy or waxy in any way. It comes in a beautiful high quality package that screams luxury. Many women say it reminds them of a ‘thin mint cookie’, in refreshing way. You just need a teeny tiny amount as a little goes a long way. Say hello to super soft, supple and moisturized lips.



Drug Store Brand Lip Balms

Lip Therapy Vaseline Vaseline is cult classic particularly with lip balms. The jelly texture is quick and easy to apply, providing a barrier over lips keeping them soft and hydrated for hours. An addiction to many this lip balm is a classic must have. Vaseline-Job-Lot5 Burts Bee Beeswax Lip Balm I love Burts Bee products because they’re made of natural ingredients. This is an excellent lip balm to combat dry lips especially during the colder months. It’s as potent as a medicated lip balm and works well on a daily basis as well. It has a tingly, menthol feeling on the lips. burts_bees_beeswax_lip_balm

High Street Brand Lip Balms

Kiehl’s Lip Balm Kiehl’s is great natural ingredient lip balm which works wonders. This lip balm is one you can apply once or twice throughout the day and see the difference immediately. 230654920 Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment It is super soft, very hydrating and pairs well with lipstick for a little color. fresh-sugar-lip-treatment-spf-15

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