4 Easy Ways To Pop A Pimple Over Night!

How to cure a pimple

Pimples. We’ve all been scarred by them – both literally and figuratively.

This dreaded little intrusion into our smooth exterior has left us annoyed on at least on one occasion. Pimples have an uncanny way of popping up right before an important event or date and no amount of concealer or zit zappers have helped.Though there is no miracle cure to zap away a pimple overnight, we’ve dug out a few hacks that come close…really close.



Before you set out to zap a pimple away , it helps to remember that there REALLY IS NO RIGHT TIME TO POP A PIMPLE.

Why ?

Dermatologists have reiterated that pimples need to be given their own time – they will pop up , they will swell up , they will turn red and white, then they will burst, and – if you’re lucky, the marks they leave fade away pretty soon.

However, not all of us can retire to a lonely cave in Siberia every time we get a pimple, hiding away in oblivion till it runs its course. Since pimples love making their presence felt right before an especially important social event, it’s time to find some overnight hacks to tackle these legions.

Before you take the plunge :

Pimples house lots of bacteria, debris and some infected blood cells. Popping and pricking them wrong can lead to the bacteria moving on to nearby areas of skin and obviously, affecting it too.
This is also why many girls keep getting recurrent pimples or clusters in the same spots of the face.

Firstly, it is best to wait till your pimple has a white head that is pointy and a little hard to touch. This is sign that the pimple is getting ready to dry out anyway and is the best time to attack.
Next, make sure your hands and skin are clean and sanitized before touching the affected area.

1. Use Salicylic Acid


The number one buster of goopy pimples, this strong acid works REALLY effectively on pimples. Using a salicylic acid face wash thrice a week actually reduces the chances of getting a lot of pimples.

Apply a salicylic acid based ointment on the pimple with the use of a sanitised cotton bud. Don’t use your dirty fingers and further contaminate the zit.

2. Simple Neem Pack


Grind fresh neem leaves, add a pinch of pure organic turmeric and a wee bit of tea tree oil. Apply this paste overnight on the affected area and wash off with water the next morning.

3. Cotton Buds


If you absolutely need to pop that pimple, clean your skin and fingers, Hold the skin taut and use a cotton bud to wipe off the goop as you squeeze. Apply an anti – bacterial healing cream afterward.

4. Toothpaste


This is unconventional but it totally works – Use a thick fluoride-based toothpaste and apply it directly onto the pimple. The simplest way to find the right toothpaste is to use a white toothpaste instead of a gel one (they have more fluoride). This dries out the pimple and makes it easier for the pimple to fall off.

Once you’ve popped your pimple, apply a paste of turmeric (not immediately, maybe the next day ) and curd on the area for the next few days to avoid scarring and unsightly marks on the skin.

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