YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush Swatches

I’ve wanted to try these for a while but with such a steep price point it’s important to know which colour is going to be most flattering on darker skin tones. So, I took a trip out to Sephora to get a good look at them.

Here are swatches of the full Baby Doll Kiss & Blush collection:

YSL Baby Doll Swatch

From Top to Bottom: Rose Épicurien, Nude Insolent, Prune Impertinente, Mocha Garçonne, Rouge Effrontée, Rouge Libertine, Corail Affranchi, Pink Hedoniste, Fuchsia Désinvolte, Rose Frivole, Rose Libre, and Orange Fougueux

On the right is the stain left behind after using Sephora’s makeup remover, pretty impressive!

I found these to have a jelly-like consistency, as opposed to the “air whipped mousse” they’re marketed as. I was concerned that said consistency would leave them unpigmented and sheer. However, they build up beautifully and come in a wide selection of colours, leaving a velvety finish on the cheeks and glossier finish on the lips.

If you have dark pigmented lips these may not have the pigmentation needed to cover them. They do cover skin well as blush however, and blend in beautifully for a very natural finish.


Nude Insolent (second from the top) was one of the products I recommended for darker skin as a Marsala colour recommendation. You can see now how flattering it is on dark skin.

Some of the other colours I like for dark skin include:

Rouge Effrontée, as an orange blush.

Prune Impertinente, as a plum lipcolour.

Rouge Libertine, as a red lipcolour.

Fuchsia Désinvolte, as a hot pink lip or blush colour.

And Orange Fougueux, on the cheeks or patted lightly into the lips as a subtle stain.

Your choice of colours will ultimately depend on what you already have in your collection. For certain colours like Nude Insolent I haven’t seen much that mimics it in both colour and finish.

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