Biggest Trends 2014 – It’s All About the Brows !

From runways to the silver screen bushy brows are shaping up to be 2014’s biggest beauty trend.


“Browsperts” across the beauty industry are raving about the groomed yet lush foliage that frames the upper part of the face, as THE “beauty-asset-to-reckon” — This glorified brow du jour is a far cry from 80s untouched and unruly wilderness, on the contrary it is shapely, bold and dapper enough to deserve it’s own zip code.

Brow Beauty 101 — Unmade and overrun eyebrows tend to muffle the perfect features of a beautiful face, while on the other hand rightly groomed eyebrows help accentuate the desired appeal on the face.

Getting On The Bandwagon — Geometry To The Rescue

Brows are important features of expressions, shaped well they have the power to change the overall appearance of our face, lending balance and symmetry. Vital thing to remember while shaping your brows is to keep your face shape in mind. Replicating the “Cara-power-brow” trend the first thing you need to do is to stop over-plucking and keep your eyebrows thick and close-to natural. The next big grooming question keeping your facial structure in mind is: how much to pluck and where to rest the arch of these face-framing features — here’s a simple guide.

Square Shaped Face —

Think Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Connelly — Brows thick near the face center and tapering slightly at the tail end with a pronounced arch, frame a square face effortlessly.


Heart Shaped Face —

Think Cara Delevingne and Arizona Muse — Bold, bushy and lush brows slanting across the upper eye sockets make perfect frames for a heart shape face.


Round Shaped Face —

Think Lily Collins and Miranda Kerr — Ample, thickset and straight brows with a slim tapering three quarters of the way add a soft point to a round face. Don’t over arching!


Oval Shaped Face —

Think Jacquelyn Jablonski and Agyness Deyn — Feral and slanting brows with an exaggerated arch can add come hither charm by framing an oval face in an attractive manner.


Raise Your Sex Appeal & Some Brows By Letting Yours Sprout:

If your brows are sparse and stunted genetically and even if you avoid tweezers and wax for months, the re-growth is minimal and disappointing don’t be saddened, as there is still hope for you.

Straight From the Kitchen an old Indian remedy to encourage healing and growth for lush brows; add a little turmeric or rosemary oil to some castor oil and rub it on to brows at night. Easy, simple and straightforward this brow remedy delivers results each time when put to test.

Lattisse is a prescription drug for growing eyelashes, not brows, but surprise-surprise it works on brows as well as it works on lashes. Apply one drop per brow for 3-4 weeks and witness baby hair sprout and fill up your scant brows.

AminoGenesis LashGenesis is a unique peptide and amino acid based formula that promotes growth of hair roots as well as conditions hair shaft, preventing breakage leading to thicker and longer lashes and brows. Apply it once at night for 3-4 weeks and watch your brows and lashes grow decadently luscious.


Latisse and AminoGenesis do deliver great predictable results, but the catch 22 here is once you stop using them the hair cycle goes back to pre-usage pace which translates to: you go back to where you started from. So if you want to keep your new, thicker brows, you’d have to keep using the products at least periodically.

The two-week falsies were originally created for women who had lost their brows through chemotherapy or alopecia areata. “Faceframe 3D Eyebrows” is a great brand, which employs individual strands of synthetic mink glued to the skin. These falsies also work for anyone with sparse-brows or bare-patches, once glued on they stay in place up to a fortnight.

Brow Implants is a 2-3 hour minor surgical procedure performed by hair transplant surgeons, where some hair from just above the ear area is taken and transplanted to the eyebrow region. Unlike tattooing, dying, or other attempts to enhance the brow, eyebrow restoration uses your own hair follicles as grafts to create a truly natural look. If your eyebrows are very sparse and lacking hair it is something to consider.

Big is beautiful and everyone is a believer, but the trick to flaunt dominant upper facial hair and not get crashed and burned is — keeping it real.

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