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Michael Kors unveiled a cosmetics link for the first time this fall! Kors believes beauty products should be treated as accessories, so you won’t see basics like foundation or mascara in his collection.

“I wanted to do the essentials–the things you absolutely have to have to represent that mood,” Kors said.

All the products are all very light, natural and sheer staying true to the Michael Kors signature look. I got a chance to preview some of the products and here’s a review.

Bronze Powder: Beam


The Bronze Powder was my favorite. It’s an important product in the collection because when you think of Michael Kors models you think bronze! I lovvvve the luxurious gold packaging and the size of the product – it’s huge! And bigger bronzers are always better. When you open it up there’s a large mirror inside which is really nice to use while applying it.

I have the color BEAM, which is not a typical bronzer as you would think it’s a bronze shimmer which can be used as highlighter. It gives the just-back-from-the-beach-glow to the face which I like to use on the apples of the cheeks or on top of blush or bronzer for a bronze sheen to the skin. It’s really sheer so you’ll still need to wear a blush or bronzer first and then this on top for that “glow”. It’s a really pretty shade which would work well on all skin tones.

Lip Lacquer: Dame


When I first had a look at the color it looked strong and bold, but when you after applying, it actually gives a sheer natural tone to the lips like a tint. It has a shimmer to it that sits close the lips and adds a bit of texture. It’s formulated with Shea butter and Vitamin E so feels super hydrating and comfortable on. It reminded me of Benefit’s Benetint but with a bit more color payoff and sheen. I like how it’s in a lipstick tube so its easy to apply and carry.

Lip Luster: Icon


Icon is a sexy plum shade which gives a long-lasting glossy tint to the lips similar to the lip lacquer but glossier and less color. It feels really soft and sits well on the lips, it’s also made with Shea butter and Vitamin E. I liked how its not sticky and for a gloss is long lasting.

After Sun Lip Balm


A glamorous touch to lip protection, the After-Sun Lip Balm gives hydration to chapped lips and adds shimmer. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of the shimmer on the lips but I think it would look good on a tanned complexion on the beach.

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