Game Changer! Benefit’s New They’re Real Push-Up Gel Eyeliner!

Benefit Cosmetics introduces a REAL beauty game changer

The bold & girly brand is breaking the beauty rules with their newest innovation.

Beauty World’s FIRST EVER Lash-Hugging Gel Liner Pen!

It’s been three years since Benefit Cosmetics launched their phenomenally popular they’re real! mascara…and the buzz is bigger than ever. In 2013, they’re real! was the #1 Multi-Benefit Prestige Mascara* in the US and the #1 Selling Prestige Makeup Item** in the UK. Beauty editors, bloggers, vloggers and gals around the globe are obsessed with the lengthening jet black formula and custom-domed brush that reveals lashes you never knew you had. In fact, one they’re real! is sold every 10 seconds!


The makeup masterminds behind they’re real! mascara will debut another major beauty breakthrough in Spring 2014. It’s called they’re real! push-up liner and is being touted as the FIRST EVER lash-hugging gel liner in a pen. We went behind the scenes of the San Francisco luxury brand to get the scoop from Julie Bell, EVP of Global Marketing at Benefit Cosmetics.



The inspiration…

Few know Benefit as well as Bell, who worked side-by-side with co-founders Jean and Jane Ford for over a decade. From makeup to skincare and everything in between, Bell now leads the irreverent brand’s global product innovation.


“People always ask me how we get our ideas for new products,” she explains. “At Benefit, it always starts with customer needs.” Over five years ago at a brainstorming meeting, Bell shared her biggest personal beauty dilemma: lining her eyes. “It was such an embarrassment. I’ve spent my entire career in the beauty industry, but I’d get teased about my eyeliner.” Realizing if she had this problem, then other girls must have it too, Benefit’s innovators set to work creating the world’s “easiest, most goof-proof” eyeliner.

Bell and her team began by studying the evolution of eyeliners: wood pencils were hard and unforgiving; pot gels were messy and required a separate brush; felt tip pens dried out quickly and looked harsh. “So we created a truly unique eyeliner that has none of these issues!” Bell exclaims.


The innovation…

There are three reasons they’re real! push-up liner is a true beauty breakthrough:

  1. The matte, black gel formula is long-lasting and waterproof.
  2. It’s a gel formula in a pen.
  3. The innovative AccuFlex™ tip easily hugs your lash line from corner to corner. “A customer can spot the innovation even before trying this liner…just by looking at it!” says Bell. “Other eyeliners have pointed, narrow tips. The soft AccuFlex™ tip is the only one that is wide, angled and flat!”


In fact, it took the team over five years to perfect with months spent “living” in engineering labs and testing around the globe. “From the ergonomic shape of the pen to the custom tip, we paid close attention to every detail,” says David Monical, VP of Global Packaging & Operations at Benefit Cosmetics. “The design of the AccuFlex™ tip is the perfect balance of flexibility, which allows for a forgiving line, and stability, which provides exceptional control,” he explains. The flat wide guard at the base of the tip also guides you to get close to the lashline on any eye shape and the tip material, itself, is soft allowing it to glide easily across the eyelid. The company also employed a unique micro-dose technology to ensure exactly the right amount of formula is dispensed with each twist of the pen.


The obsession…

“Now I can’t live without my they’re real! push-up liner,” says Bell, who wears the liner with they’re real! mascara daily. In fact, she says it’s so easy to use anyone can draw a close, lash-hugging line using just one hand anytime, anywhere. “Our mantra is: The closer the line, the bigger and sexier the eye!”


REAL big results!

91% said it was long-wearing*

88% said it hugged the lashline*

84% said eyes looked visibly larger*


*Results observed in a consumer panel survey

*Source: The NPD Group, Inc./Beauty Trends, January-September 2013 Prestige US Department Store Dollar Sales.

**Source: The NPD Group. Value and Unit Item Sales of Total Prestige Makeup for January -October 2013.



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