Colorbar Stunning Brow Pencil Review & FOTD

Eyebrow pencils are the newest beauty saviours on the market. It might seem like brows are just those lines of varying thickness and shapes that we all have on us but recent err…inventions have absolutely led me to believe that there are more to brows than you think.


Instagram has shown us the power of the brow in creating a full, defined and structured look for your face and so, you must not lag behind anymore.


High-end brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills stock extraordinary brow products that will take your brows from meh to wow. Now all of us don’t have access to these brands here in India, or simply wouldn’t want to spend that much on a product that we’re not sure we really need. So, I went out looking for a budget product that would give me pretty much the same effect as an ABH or Kat Von D baby.


I bought both the Maybelline brow pencil and the Colorbar Stunning Brow pencil to review for the you guys. Both products are affordable and available easily across beauty counters and online here.


Read on for the review of the Colorbar Stunning Brow Pencil.


“Shape your way to legendary brows with this solid all day brow liner that keeps brows nicely filled in. This all-in-one eyebrow pencil accentuates the shape of your brows and adds color & density to give you a bold look. It has good blendable coverage for natural looking, beautiful brows. This iconic smudge-proof pencil comes with a unique spiral brow grooming brush to comb, set & style your brows to perfection! Our special powder matte formulation fills in sparse areas & blends well to give you the ultimate definition with a natural finish.


Available in a scintillating shade that complements all skin tones brilliantly, it instantly gives your eyes & face a lift! Soft, precise & long lasting; you get full control, insane color payoff & also excellent coverage! Plus, our wax-based formula is infused with natural anti-oxidants that suit every skin perfectly and wears lightly to ensure ultimate comfort!


  • Mineral oil & preservative free
  • Dermatologically approved”



The pencil comes with a spoolie at one end and the brow product on the other. I hoped there would be a sharpener to go along with the product but well, I guess Colorbar didn’t want to make the product too big or bulky by including an additional feature… ah well!


I was honestly impressed, the first time I saw the SA wearing this product. I have naturally, quite thick brows but they tend to have a mind of their own and don’t sit well unless I use a brow product. I’ve been sticking to a good concealer and brow brush so far but always wanted a decent brow pencil that doesn’t make me look like a drag queen.


This brow pencil comes only in one shade, Chestnut, which might not be a universally flattering brow shade but works for me cause I have really, almost black brows. I see it working for a lot of desi women though as most of us have dark brows.


The product is extremely pigmented . I recommend using it with a very light hand as the color payoff is intense and can look unnatural if you’re not careful.


The spoolie is a nice addition and this product definitely needs one owing to its high color intensity. I usually fill in my gaps and extend my brows a little towards my nose as this helps my nose looks slimmer :p (this is a great trick to try out girls, be careful though) .


I almost scratched my skin the first time I used the spoolie. The brush is quite bristly and needs to be used gently . Blend in the product well for a nicely diffused, natural look.


I usually finish off with a light concealer around the edges to clean up any lack of definition on the brows, and I’m done.


The Colorbar Stunning Brow is a decent product for its price and range if you’re someone who wants to start experimenting with a well-defined look . The effect is full , natural- looking brows.


Nay :


  • The product is a little too creamy for a pencil. This leads to product wastage and maybe even smudging if you’re not working with a light hand
  • Sad how they haven’t included a sharpener.



Yay :


  • So affordable ! It’s nice how drugstore brands understand our pain now 🙂
  • Easily available
  • Love the spoolie !


Price – Rs . 650

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