Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick Picks for Desi Skintones

If you’re crazy about lipsticks just as much as I am, then I’m sure you’ve seen the Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks.  I love everything about these! They apply like a gloss but dry to a lipstick with a beautiful matte finish.  I like how the formula is not watery like a lot of liquid lipsticks, it’s creamy! The creamy texture makes it so much easier to apply and you just need a very little of the product! They feel very light and natural on, not drying at all.

Eat, drink, kiss, swim, these do not budge!

The product is super duper pigmented and comes in a beautiful range of 20 colors, seriously no other lip colors compare to these ( I can’t believe I’m actually saying that, but it is true!). I even loveee to mix them and create my own customized shades. I do think they need more nudes as Pure Hollywood and Milk Shake are too light and make desi skin look washed out.  Also the corals are a bit bright, they need some in-between colors.  It’s rumored that they will be adding more plums and nudes into the collection in Fall (can’t wait!!)

The only advice I could say when using these is because it is a matte finish long-wearing product it would be advisable to add a lip base/primer or not so greasy lip balm on the lips before applying the product so your lips don’t look too dry.

SO the big question – which colors should I order?  Since most of us order these from the website choosing colors can get a bit tricky.  $20 each, you don’t want to end up ordering a color that doesn’t suit you.

Here are my recommended ones for Desi Skin-tones!

1.  Lovely

My personal favorite from the range – Lovely is the perfect everyday lip color.  Seriously I can’t stop wearing it.

2.  Spicy

An orange based red lip color that compliments desi skin-tone beautifully! Light skin or deep, it’s the warmness of this lipstick that just blends in so well with our coloring.

3.  Sweet Talker

This is a bright pink, that will get people asking what lip color you are wearing.  It’s a great spring/summer color – the perfect pop of pink. SO stunning!

4. Party Pink

Party Pink is just like how the name suggests –  it’s like wearing a party on your lips LOL.  It’s bright but beautiful and I love this tone more on medium tone desi skin. I’m an NC25 so it is a bit bright on me but I love the statement.


5.  Sad Girl

This color is a must! It’s the only metallic matte color in the collection and its super super gorgeous! I think this is the most popular color in the collection, it’s a great vampy shade that is not too dark! Suits all skin-tones if you’re daring enough to wear a vamp tone. This is my second favorite color in the collection, just love the metallic finish.

6.  Bloodline

After trying on all these liquid lipsticks it began staining my skin, so please excuse the color around my lips :P.  Bloodline is a great blue based red, kinda like Russian Red from MAC.  I use it all the time on red dress bridals.



6.  Heathers

For a burgundy deeper tone Heathers is the one, it’s kinda like Sad Girl just without the metallic finish and its slightly deeper in tone.  It’s deep and sexy but not too dark which is why I love it.  On lighter desi skin-tones it looks like a nice vampy tone. On deeper desi skintones it looks like a natural deep burgundy lip-color. It’s that burgundy we all love.



 Did I miss any ABH Liquid Lipstick you love?? Comment below, I would love to hear from you. xx


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